Bright Stripes Soap

Making handmade soap today has become a hobby for many people around the world. If you have not tried to cook the soap yourself, then be sure to make at least a couple of pieces of this fragrant soapy. Stay satisfied yourself and delight loved ones. To make homemade soap, you need the following components:
Transparent and white soap base. Red and yellow dyes. Dyes must be such that they do not migrate in the finished soap. Cosmetic flavor to your taste, here - Duchess. In addition, you need to take care of alcohol. This is the only ingredient that cannot be bought in shops for soap making. Ordinary vodka will suit instead, but you need to pour it into a bottle with a spray bottle for convenient spraying. From the tools that are needed for soap making, use the following:
 needed for soap making
Silicone molds. It can be both special molds for soap making, and usual forms for baking.Knife and board for cutting the soap base. Plastic cups. It is easier to wash the soap base from them than from the glass ones. A disposable cups will not work, as they will not withstand the high temperature of the molten base. Plastic or wooden sticks. In order to melt the base, you need a microwave. You need to set it to medium or minimum power. At maximum power, the base will melt unevenly. In two glasses, cut approximately the same amount of transparent and white soap bases into cubes.
 cut into cubes
First you need to put a glass with a transparent base in the microwave. To melt the base you need to gradually, that is, every 30-35 seconds you need to get a glass from the microwave and check the condition of the base. In no case can not bring it to a boil, otherwise the soap will lose its caring properties. When the base melts and becomes fluid and uniform, add a red dye and flavor to it and blend.
 red dye
Part of the base pour in a thin layer and leave to cool.Before pouring the next layer, make sure that the previous one has completely hardened. When you make sure that the red base is frozen, melt the white base, add yellow dye and flavor to it and blend.
 red base stiffened
 with a small amount of yellow base
Red transparent layer thoroughly sprinkle with alcohol and immediately fill with a small amount of yellow base.
 fill the red base
The thickness of the layer should be what you want to see stripes on the soap. Repeat the procedure again, filling the red base, above the yellow and red again.
 fill the red base
Soap Bright Stripes
The top layer can be anything at your discretion. When the last layer of soap dries, it can be removed. It is very easy to remove products from silicone molds. Beautiful and fragrant soapy ready!
 Soap Bright Stripes

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