“Sofas HERE!”: quality and reliability from a domestic manufacturer

In an effort to update the situation in the house and send to the well-deserved rest old bulky, furniture, bought during the times of the Soviet Union, the majority of Russians are faced with the question "Where is to find a worthy replacement?". We offer a lot of shops, salons and factories to our products, but before you make a purchase, you need to make sure of the quality of the purchase.

For a long time domestic production, in comparison with imported, was much lower quality. In an effort to achieve minimum cost and maximum compactness, the designers completely overlooked such important factors as design and comfort. Therefore, Romanian sets and walls increasingly appeared in Soviet apartments, but Italian-made furniture, which at all times was a sign of chic and taste, was especially popular.In the Middle Ages, the Apennine manufacturers were famous for their craftsmanship and elegance of furniture, and this glory has reached our times. What is so special about Italian furniture, for which buyers love it so much?

Pros and Cons of Italian Furniture Imports

How not cool, but it definitely has a number of significant advantages. First, real Italian furniture is made only from natural high-quality materials, which allows it to serve an incredibly long time. She would rather bore the owner than lose her presentable look. Secondly, it is a timeless classic, whose presence in the interior indicates a good taste of the owner.

However, significant shortcomings make themselves felt. For example, the fabulously high price stops many buyers from such an acquisition. In addition, difficulties in the care of such furniture create certain difficulties during the operation. But the main drawback is, of course, a lot of low-quality fakes that have filled the market in large quantities. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish a replica from the original at first sight, and in order not to be misled, many prefer to refrain from such a purchase.

Modernization in domestic technologies

In recent years, domestic furniture factories are increasingly popular. Such interest from consumers is due to a significant increase in quality. Buying non-imported furniture no longer means condemning yourself to the bulky and depressing colors of the room. On the contrary, furniture from domestic manufacturers has become modern, light, stylish and not inferior to famous brands.

The largest, and rightfully the leading holding in Russia today is the group of companies "March 8". Most buyers trust the arrangement of their interiors to this particular company, as can be seen by reading customer reviews on independent sites and otzovik sites.

The corporation includes such famous companies as: “March 8th Factory”, “Roy Bosh”, “Anderssen” and others.

Modern technology from the furniture "March 8"

Increasing experience and skills, the factory "March 8" has become a leading furniture manufacturer in Russia. Based on the acquired knowledge and modern technology, the master will improve manufacturing technology. Considerable attention is paid to such an important factor as design.Introducing innovations in the usual technology, the product acquires a completely new, more modern, look, which attracts buyers.

The main indicator of the quality and integrity of the manufacturer is the fittings used in the models. This is an invisible detail that immediately betrays a fake and forces its owner to look for furniture again. Low quality hardware quickly fails and leads to malfunctioning mechanisms. Thus, the functionality can be equated to zero.

Specialized shops - resellers of products of the Holding "Furniture Factory" March 8 "offer consumers not only furniture, but also scattered goods. Among the largest suppliers should highlight the network of shops "Divans HERE!", Which exists since 1999 and has earned the unconditional trust of customers.

Comfort and comfort with sofas HERE!

In the furniture salons "Divans HERE!" there are a lot of exhibition models, each of which will definitely become the highlight of any interior: from luxurious Baroque to restrained Hi-Tech. In the furniture stores there are also products of famous factories “Urfin Jusse”, “Forma”, “Pohjanmaan”.

The wide geography of the stores covers not only Moscow, but also Krasnodar, Voronezh, Saratov, Sochi, which is certainly extremely convenient for consumers.

As for the residents of remote cities, then they are given the opportunity to order the furniture they like in the online store "Sofas HERE!". A simple search on the site and a wide range will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beautiful furniture.

Do not get lost in such an abundance of options and suggestions and make the right choice will help competent consultants working both in salons and online.

To please its customers, the company regularly holds profitable promotions and discounts that will definitely appeal to customers.

Thus, buying furniture in “Sofas HERE!” is reliability and quality from a leading Russian brand.

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