Soft Passport Covers

For sewing covers, we need to take: • Thick cotton red cotton in white small polka dots and pink with bagels; • Binding cardboard, 4 blanks 9.2 * 13 cm; • White cardboard; • Sintepon; • Installer of grommets and grommets of gold and copper colors; • Color pictures; • Inscription printed passport; • Metal crowns and owl pendants; • Brads are pink and purple ; • Elastic burgundy narrow hat; • Scrapbumag for interior decoration; • Red velor tape; • Glue «Double-sided effect stitching tape "; • Glue stick, scissors, ruler, simple pencil, eraser; • Thermogun.
 Soft Passport Covers
Soft Passport Covers
So, you need to start by saying that for a start, we need to prepare a solid bookbase for book covers. To do this, we need two blanks to join into one.We cut off for this white cardboard or watercolor paper measuring 6.5 * 13 cm. And we divide on the smaller side into such parts: 3 cm * 0.5 cm * 3 cm. Put a mark on top and bottom.
 Passport covers are soft
 Soft Passport Covers
Now under the ruler with a blunt end of scissors we draw curved lines we fold and glue two cardboard binding sheets to each other using glue pencil.
 Soft passport covers
 Soft Passport Covers
Well press, smooth and hold with a blunt tip scissors in place of bending on both sides. Thus, there is a space of 0.5 cm between the blanks, for folding the finished cover.
 Soft Passport Covers
Soft Passport Covers

Now we cut off the sheet synthetic winterizer and glue it with double-sided tape outside the workpiece.
Passport covers soft
Now you need a fabric. The colors will be combined both there and there, therefore we cut pieces of such sizes for the first cover: red, 8 * 18 cm, two cuts and pink 13 * 18 cm, for the second one, on the contrary, we take the sizes: pink two, 8 * 18 cm and red one cut 13 * 18 cm. We are counting so that in cross-linked form we had 26-26.5 cm by 18 cm.

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