Stained glass painting with a bouquet of flowers

Now painting on glass with stained glass is very popular. After all, thanks to the use of special paints and special contours, you can get a very effective drawing on glass, which at first glance is quite difficult to distinguish from this stained glass window. It will be extremely interesting to make a bright stained glass picture both for children and adults already. To create an original picture you will need: - stained paints. If the paints are in tubes, they can be squeezed out directly onto the glass without using a brush. They are ideal for children's creativity. If the paints are in jars, they will have to be applied with a brush; - bronze contour for glass; - alcohol wipes (you can use window cleaner instead); - pencil; - glass; - round brush (synthetic or protein is well suited); - A4 sheet of paper for preliminary drawing; - sheet of paper, plywood and frame.
 stained paints
Preparing everything you need,can get to work: 1. Place the leaf vertically and paint on it a bouquet of summer flowers. Try not to make the picture too detailed;
 make a picture
2. On the sheet of paper with a picture, put the glass so that their edges coincide. Wipe the glass with alcohol wipes to degrease its surface;
 degrease the surface
3. Pull the pencil lines slowly and very neatly around the contour. Leave the glass to dry for a couple of hours;
 Contour slowly
4. Color the flowers first. Wait until the paint dries before proceeding further;
 paint the flowers
5. Paint over the stems and leaves, and then paint the background using yellow and green paint;
 paint the background of the painting
6. Leave the painting to dry for several hours;
 stained glass painting with a bouquet of flowers
7.Insert the glass into the frame, then put a sheet of white paper, and then plywood.
 stained glass painting with a bouquet of flowers
Stained glass painting with a bright a bouquet of flowers is completely ready. If desired, it can not only be hung on the wall, but also removed from the frame to be used as a stained glass window. For example, it will look very impressive if you insert it into the window frame.

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