Worth choosing rules for sink mixers

How to choose? Especially difficult to answer this question is given to those who are with the plumbing on the "you". First of all, you need to pay attention to functionality, then consider the design.

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Here you have opened an online store page and you have a list of several dozen mixers with specific characteristics. Which product card will you open first? What will you navigate? We have a few worthwhile tips on how not to get lost and buy the right thing.

  • Functions

Even the finest sink faucet in the bathroom is of a golden color and with an unusual design can be a nuisance if you miss the point of functionality. First, determine the purpose for which you will need to use the mixer, in addition to washing your hands. Perhaps you wash in the sink of the dog after a walk, then the mixer should be shorter.The same applies to girls who love to "wash" the bangs over the sink. The choice of its length and other technical characteristics depends on the purpose of using the mixer.

  • Width

The larger and wider the diameter of the pipe, the stronger the pressure can be made. If you need water to flow in a large continuous stream, buy models of wide-tube mixers.

  • Pen

The sink faucet can be operated using a gooseneck knob or flywheel. The first option is more modern, but if you like to precisely adjust the water pressure, the flywheel is better suited.

  • Design

Yes, yes, exactly, this item is in last place, because if you go to a good store, each model with certain characteristics will be provided in several design options. When choosing, evaluate whether the color of the mixer fits to the overall interior of your bathroom.

There is a separate classification of cranes by the type of handle. There are single-lever faucets for the sink in the bathroom, that is, they have a gander handle, using which you can turn on water of any temperature. If you decide to buy a mixer with a flywheel, then you need a two-valve model, that is, with two handles, one of which includes cold water, the other hot one.

Plus, thermostatic mixers are sold, the whole trick is that you set the desired water temperature and it will be like this every time you wash your hands. At any time, the temperature can be changed.

Buying a sink faucet is quick, but it’s worth spending a lot of time choosing the right one.

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