Straight from the ears: 18 longest-footed stars

You can admire them endlessly.

These beauties at first glance conquer the hearts of men. And not the last role in their charm is played by luxurious long legs, when looking at which you just lose your head. Many of these stars at various times fell into the official ratings of the most long-legged women of their country, world, and even the Guinness Book of Records.

In various lists of the most long-legged celebrities for many years in a row one of the Russian celebrities falls - tennis playerMaria Sharapova. The height of our beauty - 187 centimeters, and the length of the legs - 121 centimeters.

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova, feet length - 121 cm
Photo: Getty Images

By the way, Maria on April 19th turned 31 years old. She is still professionally involved in sports, and her personal life has recently started to play with new colors. Sharapova has been meeting with an English businessman and auctioneer for several months.By Alexander Glyx. He is considered one of the most enviable suitors of Great Britain, enter the royal family and is close friends with Princes William and Harry. Sharapova's legs just turned the young man's head.

But there are also celebrities, whose legs are even longer than those of a well-known Russian woman. For example, the Australian ex-modelCarolyn Arthurapproaching the world record - 130 centimeters. True, this is not officially fixed.

ButAdriana Sklenarnikova, supermodel and former angel Victoria`s Secret, has long been in the Guinness Book of Records as a model with the longest legs in the world - 125.7 cm with height of 185 cm. Not far from her colleagues on the catwalk -Ji diengandAna Hickman. The latter has more than once become the sexiest woman on the planet and, thanks to her legs, became so famous that she launched her own fashion line.

Ji dieng
Ji Dieng, feet length - 125 cm
Photo: Getty Images
Adriana Sklenarnikova
Adriana Sklenarnikova, leg length - 125 cm
Photo: Getty Images

By the way, the old guard models has much more attractive options than the current stars. The rating of "long-legs" still includesNaomi Campbell,Claudia Schiffer,Cindy crawfordand of course the legendaryEl macphersonwith its 123 cm of amazing beauty. Apparently, that is why they, even at their age, do not hesitate to wear candid outfits and pose nude.

And from the relatively new names can be notedAdriana limaand very youngKayu gerber. Kaya apparently inherited such beauty - now her legs are already equal in length with my mother's, and the girl continues to grow.

By the way, besides the models, actresses are also included in the list of the most long-legged stars. For example,Julia Roberts(111 cm),Nicole KidmanandUma Thurman(108 cm each). Photos of these and other stars with the most gorgeous legs, see our photo gallery.

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