Street art grandmother Anna: ultramarine wonder

The most beautiful art always comes from the heart, it is unnecessary in the comments and interpretations, everyone understands and feels it. Some people have a special gift - to create works that touch everyone without exception. Such people, undoubtedly, are Anežka Kašpárková, an 87-year-old grandmother living in the south of the Czech Republic.
Despite her advanced age, Anna's grandmother devotes most of her day to her creative work, covering the white walls of the houses and churches of her homeland with ultramarine patterns. With all seriousness and selflessness, this elderly artist creates, even in bad weather conditions, because she seeks to beautify as much of the space around. All the floral patterns created by her are unique. The paint, which Anna uses, is not cheap, but guarantees that the drawings will survive for at least two years, without fading and not suffering from precipitation.

A passion for painting came to Anna about thirty years ago, after she retired.In my opinion, this gives hope to everyone who has not yet found himself in the works - the muse will visit you when the time comes!

By the way, Anna herself does not consider that she creates a true work of art. “What kind of artist am I? I just do what I like and want to help, ”she says. But we all understand.

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