Stylish and gentle blue manicure

Blue color is very delicate and is associated with a clear sky, and therefore it is often used to create a manicure. But is this shade always appropriate? And how to use it correctly? This is worth considering.

Who will suit this color, in which cases it is appropriate?

Blue manicure is very suitable for girls whose appearance refers to the summer or spring color type: dark and peach skin will be shaded and it is beneficial to emphasize. Representatives of the winter and autumn type should be more cautious, since their light skin under the influence of blue may seem even more pale, and the image at the same time will be inexpressive, boring.

Special attention should be paid to the nails. If their surface is far from ideal, covered with bumps, scratches or indentations, then a light blue tone will instantly underline and flaunt all these defects. The length can be almost any, but it will affect the choice of a suitable tone, so be sure to consider this point.

In what cases is appropriate manicure in blue tones? It looks romantic, gentle and not vulgar, so it will be the perfect everyday choice, combined even with office style. But in everyday life blue nails will fit perfectly, and they will complement both romantic and feminine images, and more free-style “casual” and even sports.

But in special cases, such a manicure may be appropriate: for example, it will be the perfect cut for a delicate wedding dress. And if you choose a bright shade and complement it with trendy effects, then you can safely go to the party.

What colors can I add blue?

Monophonic manicure - it is boring and monotonous. And in order to make it look more fresh, interesting and fashionable, the main color can and should be complemented by others. These shades are perfectly combined with blue:

  • Beige. He is neutral and gentle, so will complement and enhance the best qualities of blue and will create a feminine and restrained image.
  • The tandem of blue and yellow will look fresh and will remind you of a clear sky and bright sunshine. It is ideal for summer or spring.
  • To create a refined and luxurious manicure you can use a golden color that will perfectly fit on the blue and make your nails more expressive.
  • You can choose a gentle and discreet lilac. His tandem with blue fits in a romantic Provencal style and recalls the wildflowers and the clear sky.
  • An excellent "neighbor" will be a saturated blue, referring to the same scale, but differing in depth and expressiveness. This combination will be harmonious and at the same time bright and interesting.
  • Pink color, depending on the saturation, can be both restrained and romantic, and more mischievous and catchy. But in any case, it will be organically combined with blue.
  • The white-blue manicure looks interesting and fresh: on the one hand, it is perceived as tender and associated with clouds in the sky, and on the other hand, it is perceived as stylish and youthful.
  • If you want something more bold and bright, then the ideal option will be a black and blue manicure: it looks elegant and simultaneously sexy, depending on the chosen proportion of tones.

Execution options

How to make a trendy blue manicure? Consider some of the most stylish and interesting options:

  1. It will be interesting to look french, if you make the plate blue, and the edges soak in a white tone, black or other, combined with the main one.
  2. If you paint your nails matte varnish, then blue can be perceived completely differently.In addition, matte surfaces have been out of fashion for several seasons in a row.
  3. Childishly, the nails in peas will look childishly. And it can be made as bright and barely noticeable, as well as contrasting and eye-catching.
  4. To dilute monophonic manicure, you can use the design of the ring finger and create a picture on it. The image can be almost anything: the sun with rays, a butterfly, a flower.
  5. In winter, the background can be supplemented with snowflakes.
  6. In the summer, marine issues are relevant, which can be supported by images of fish, ships or boats, lifebuoys, starfish, anchors, small islands with palm trees and many others.
  7. Still in fashion, the moon manicure. The whole plate can be made blue, and the base can be emphasized in another color, combined with the background.
  8. Spectacular and stylish option - the gradient, implying a smooth transition from one shade to another. To make such a manicure will only be an experienced master, but the result will be stunning. In addition, you can use three tones, but the blue should remain predominant.
  9. Complement the romantic blue manicure with flowers, such as daisies, lavenders or roses.But it is better to maintain them in shades that will be organically combined with the background.
  10. One nail can be selected in a different color. And you can easily make such a manicure with your own hands, it will not require special skills.
  11. Young girls will appreciate the stripes, and they can be arranged in different ways: vertically, diagonally, horizontally or even randomly, creating whole compositions.
  12. Lace will make an elegant and feminine look: whites look more gently and calmly, while contrasting black ones emphasize sexuality.
  13. Complete the manicure with cute bows.


Finally, some useful tips:

  • Dark tones of blue ideally fit on short nails, and light ones - on longer ones.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the nail plate. In blue tones, gentle and maximally close to natural almond-shaped rounded nails look best.
  • To make the image more vivid and festive, make a manicure with glitter. They can be put on top of nails in an even, but not too dense layer, and then the blue will seem radiant and glazed.
  • Use rhinestones: place them on the edge of the nail, near its base or singly in the middle.
  • Try to find the most appropriate shade.To do this, consider your style, makeup and features of appearance. So, the lighter the skin, the brighter the nails should be.
  • Align the nail plate before applying the varnish so that they are perfect, and irregularities are not conspicuous.
  • If you choose this option as a gradient, the transition from light to darker tone will visually lengthen the nails and stretch them.
  • It is important to choose a high-quality varnish and after applying wait until it is completely dry, as the unfortunate tones, the smeared and dirty surface look very awkward, ridiculous and sloppy.

Blue manicure is a great option, especially if done correctly.

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