Stylish Mommy: 5 images from Chiara Ferrany

Guru stristayla shares life hacking, which will help to look fashionable, even when you are not up to heels, but only diapers on your mind.

How to run with a stroller in heels, carry a baby in your arms and have time to do 33 things that fall on every young mommy every day? No, replies well-known fashionist Chiara Ferrany, who also recently became a mother. This blonde is distinguished by the fact that her fashionable thinking is always non-standard: Chiara does not go along with stereotypes, and her wardrobe decisions are always individual. So, she believes that you can look sexy and fashionable in any situation, the main thing is to know which trends should be adopted. We suggest using the example of images of a stylish young mom to find out what trends will benefit those who want to combine beauty, relevance and comfort.

Pajama style

Photo: @chiaraferragni
Photo: @chiaraferragni

What could be better for walking with a stroller than a pajama set? Only a pajama set in combination with white sneakers.It is both stylish and practical, and perfectly conveys the trends of the season. Here it is only important to take into account that the costume should not look sloppy and resemble real pajamas, from which you forgot to jump out after a sleepless night with a baby.

Banana pants

Photo: @ chia @ chiaraferragnierragni

Do you want nothing to pull and not crush? No, the speech is not at all leggings, which every mommy buys for herself, considering that this is a compromise wardrobe decision for that period of time until her former slimness returns. Chiara advises to buy trendy trousers for this season, bananas with tucks on top. First, they really do not press anything and do not constrain movements. Secondly, unlike leggings, they do not dig at the very places that are eagerly waiting until you restore your membership to a fitness club.

Sneakers "moon rovers"

Photo: @chiaraferragni
Photo: @chiaraferragni

In terms of shoes, Chiara proclaims full democracy. You are free to choose what is convenient for you, especially since today comfortable shoes are an absolute trend. In addition to the rough shoes and sneakers, which we have already seen in the previous images of the fashionista, one should pay attention to the ultramodern sneakers “moon rovers”, having a hypertrophied volume and a massive sole. In such, you will definitely be comfortable on an imposing walk with a pram, and with a kenguryatnik at the ready.

Polka Dot Cotton Sundress

Photo: @chiaraferragni
Photo: @chiaraferragni

Mommy is not only sleepless nights, diapers and the feeling that the "Groundhog Day" has arrived. Mom is a young woman who is in one of the most inspiring moments of her life. By the way, he should be inspiring for her husband. So that the beloved one did not think that someone had stolen his beauty, and instead of this he slipped someone who did not know him, spoil him with his dresses. No one says that these should be the chiming “cases”; it is quite enough to get a cotton sundress with a sweet print. Today, by the way, there is a variety of patterns in the trend - from flowers to peas of all calibers. It is better to choose the length not below the knee, so that the hem does not get tangled under your feet. Sundresses lv floor is better to postpone until the moment when the baby grows up and there will be an opportunity together with her spouse to go on a romantic trip to the ocean.


Photo: @chiaraferragni
Photo: @chiaraferragni

Overalls - a necessary thing in the wardrobe of a young mother. And so successfully coincided that in this season all sorts of overalls are in fashion. The most versatile model is, of course, the classic denim, like Chiara. He is in favor with women of fashion not only because it is made of practical fabric, it is literally combined with everything and has many pockets.Thanks to its cut, this type of jumpsuit perfectly hides problem areas in the press area, which lurk in anticipation of a merciless fitness retribution.

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