Subscribers Vodonaevoy interested in, where did the ring

Plain photography in the hallway caused a heated discussion on the web.

Sexy beauty decided to repatriate the audience again. Not a day goes by that Alena does not communicate with her subscribers. This time she posted a photo that caused a flurry of discussion.

Someone immediately pounced on a TV star, they say, she was thin.

“Too perekhudila”, “It does not go to you so thin”, “The face tortured”.

The most interesting thing is that Vodonaevoy is losing weight all but the chest.

In one of the interviews Alyona admitted that she loves sports very much. Therefore, it is engaged in the hall almost five times a week for two hours. She also maintains a healthy diet. Previously, Vodonaeva was a coffee lover, now she drinks only water and fresh juices. The star keeps a close eye on itself and attends various cosmetic procedures: it makes wraps and anti-cellulite massage.

Photo: @ alenavodonaeva

Some followers generally compared Alain with a famous fairy-tale character.

“You need to make films about Baba Yaga in films, even make-up is not necessary.”

However, the envious, too, are not asleep.It seemed to them that Vodonaev, with some features of her face, looked like an artist, Efim Shifrin.

"Yefim Shifrin looks like here."

Barrels in the hallway with the words "Chanel" also puzzled subscribers.

“And what is the barrel in the hallway all the time worth?”, “With perfume?”, “Not a frail bottle of such perfume.”

The culmination of this post was the correspondence Vodonaevoy with one of the users.

onejda84 asked: “And where is the engagement ring?” To which Allen delicately repulsed, supposedly, who cares: “I suppose on the right hand. But even if he wasn’t there, then what does that mean? ”The subscriber immediately apologized:“ It seemed like a right hand. Sorry.

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