Sugar Mastic Monkey

On the eve of the new year, the hostess of which is a monkey, I decided to present to you my master class on modeling a tasty, edible monkey from sugar mastic that will undoubtedly decorate your New Year's cake. We need mastic brown, flesh, red and white. At first I tried to paint the monkey brown, adding brown dye, but I was not very satisfied with the shade, so to get a rich brown color, I mixed red. Green and yellow dyes, in the end I got such a quite bright monkey. To get a mastic of flesh-colored, or rather not exactly bodily, I would say light beige, I added a bit of brown to the white mastic and stirred it well. It is better to stain the mastic beforehand, after which it needs to date, let it lie in the fridge or a little on the table (only necessarily wrapped in film or in a package).Then in the process of modeling, the mastic will not float. Let's start the process of modeling. From the brown mastic we roll the oval, its bottom slightly flattened, so that it stands, and then we select the tummy, just flattening the upper part of the trunk. We will also make the legs and tail, as well as we roll the ball for the head.
 Monkey from the sugar mastic
While the blanks are drying, let's begin to sculpt the legs, rather feet and brushes on the legs of the monkey handle. From the slightly flattened oval of the beige mastic, we first form the mitten, and then cut through between the fingers, after which we slightly straighten each finger to give it a natural look. These parts need to be glued to the monkey's legs and arms.
 Money monkey from sugar mastic
Monkey from sugar mastic
From the same beige mastic we form the tummy, just rolled out the mastic and cut out the pear-shaped form, which we glue to the trunk,wetted with water.
 Monkey from sugar mastic
We stick a muzzle of beige mastic on the head.
 Monkey from sugar mastic
Create a mouth, nose, draw eyes and we get such a cute monkey.
 Monkey from sugar mastic
Making ears, giving small pieces of mastic the shape of an ear, using stack with balls, as well as inserting into the inside pieces of beige mastic.
 Money Monkey from sugar mastic
Connect the details. Glue the handles, legs, do not forget about the tail, put the ears in place, and connect the head with the body with a toothpick.
 Monkey money from sugar mastic
From brown we will make mastics on the head with hairs, simply by gluing thin flagella.
 Monkey from sugar mastic
Our monkey is ready, but I want to give it solemnity and celebration, so I decided to wear New Year's head on her a hood that made of red and white mastic. And putting a small bag of money in our hands, our ordinary monkey turns into a monetary one, which not only decorates the cake, but also brings financial profit next year.
Monkey from sugar mastic
 Monkey from sugar mastic
 Monkey from sugar mastic

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