Summer dress

Sew a dress with your own hands! A real challenge, right? Especially for those women who can only do one thing: sew on buttons that have come off. Now I'm talking about myself, unfortunately ...

The idea, which you now know, is seductive, like a clear spring day. Take a look! Not a word more, I already choose the fabric.

You will need

square of fabric 2 m by 2 m

fabric marker


Fold a square of fabric diagonally to make a large triangle.

Then fold this triangle once again in half.

And one more time!

Now fold the triangle along. The pattern of folding fabric is similar to the process of making a paper airplane! Mark an extra piece of cloth that needs to be cut.

Cut a small triangle.

On the upper corner of the triangle draw a semicircle.

Cut out the semicircle along the line.

And here is the result!

And so the dress looks on the girl ... Only a belt is needed, and everything is at its best! Of course, to dress served for a long time and looked neat, you need to sweep the edges.

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