Super strong bond per second

It is not a secret to anyone that second glue + soda is a reliable and durable bond of surfaces. No matter what, not even even. Plastics + iron, plastics + glass, iron + glass ... You can continue indefinitely! The only important rule is that the surfaces are not wet or greasy. But for these purposes there is a solvent. Assume; if we glue wood and, for example, plastics, and wood is wet, it is not necessary to wait until it dries - this is a rather long process! You just need to moisten the desired area of ​​wood with a solvent. The solvent will very quickly mix with the water in the tree, and will dry almost immediately with moisture. At least from the top layer that we need to connect. Now consider several options for connecting different and homogeneous surfaces. No tools are needed for the job. Except, perhaps, sandpaper, in case there is an inaccurate connection and you need to remove the mixture of glue and soda that has set in the wrong place.Let's get started.

You'll need

  • Second glue.
  • Soda.
  • Glued surfaces
  • Sandpaper (just in case!).
Super strong bond for a second

We glue two surfaces tightly

First, glue two homogeneous surfaces. In my case, this is a cracked compartment from the freezer.
Super strong bond for a second
At the beginning, I tried to solder it with a wood burner, but after a while it burst again in the same places. Now, I am sure, the mount will be more reliable. We will glue outside, so that the glue does not come into contact with the products. So, with the help of second glue, we will acquire the surfaces to be glued so that they do not play during the main work.
Super strong bond for a second
Now, when the surface is fixed and does not move, apply a layer of glue to the crack. You should not fuss and hurry: though the glue is momentary, it can not dry out for a long time until it comes in contact with something. After we have applied the glue, we spill the crack with soda.
Super strong bond for a second
Wait a couple of seconds and blow off the rest of the soda.Repeat the procedure, over the new seam to fix the result. And here we have a reliable connection!
Super strong bond for a second
Now we glue together two homogeneous parts from the inside. Previously, when I was engaged in modeling and making mock-ups (reduced copies of something), I always encountered the problem of the perfect appearance of a model - how to glue it together so that the seams were not visible. At first, he used cold welding, but it dries very long. And if the massive bonding surfaces have an area of ​​only a couple of millimeters, one superglue will be small for a reliable connection. For example; I assembled a model of a cruise missile.
Super strong bond for a second
Its basis consists of a metalplastic tube with a diameter of 16 mm. How to glue two pieces of a tube so that the seams are not stuck out? When gluing the same tubes, there will be no problems - you can simply take the required diameter of the cylinder and put both sides of the tube on it, after having smeared them with glue.

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