Good afternoon. Anything can be done from the material at hand. Especially plastic. You can make a beautiful and original candy bowl with ordinary hands from ordinary bottles, which will be useful on the farm. For production we will need: - One bottle of 5 liters. - One bottle of 1.5 liters. - Knife. - Scissors. - Newspapers. - Paper napkins. - Kleister. - Brush. - Paints. - Varnish. First, we will need to take a 5-liter bottle and cut the neck of the desired height from it and remove the cap from it. We will not need it. Height determine yourself. It will be a bowl for candy. From a 1.5-liter bottle, too, you will need to cut off a neck of a small height. It will be a leg. Make your own height too.
 take a bottle
Now insert the neck of the legs into the neck of the bowl. One neck perfectly fits into the other and holds well there, but for better fixation you can miss the joint with glue.
 insert the neck of the stem into the neck of the bowl
Now we take a newspaper and tear it into small pieces.We will dip these pieces into the paste and paste the candy inside and outside with them.
 paste the candy
Take paper napkins and make flower petals. To do this, tear off a piece of the napkin, blot it in the paste and form a petal. After that, the petal is strongly pressed to the outside of the candy bar. The paster should be liquid, so the petals will stick better. We make the necessary number of petals in this way.
 Take paper napkins
 make petals for flowers
Now we ride small ball of napkin. It also needs to be saturated with paste. In the middle of a flower, we make a small depression with a finger and insert a ball into it. It will be the core of the flower.
 make a small indentation
You can make a stem of a flower. To do this, from a piece of napkin soaked with paste, roll the sausage and press it to a vase.
make a flower stalk
So, we make as many flowers as you wish. I did 11 pieces. We leave the candy bar before it dries.

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