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Best Blorange Hair Ideas
24 Blorange Hair Color Ideas Last year a new hair color began to dominate Instagram feeds. As devoted followers of the pink hair trend saw their hair color fade, they realized that the resultant mixture of blonde, pink, and orange tones was just as gorgeous. The blorange hair trend was...
The Best Pink Highlight Looks
35 Pink Highlight Looks With Winter fast approaching, many women are changing their hair colour accordingly, leaving the lighter shades of summer behind, and choosing darker, richer tones. Why not buck the seasonal trend, and stand out this winter with a stunning pink hair. You might be thinking that there...
mushroom brown hair color
Mushroom Brown Hair Color Looks It only takes a browse on Pinterest or a quick scroll through your Instagram feed to know that the most sought-after hair color right now, is Mushroom Brown. This unexpected yet stunning shade is the latest trend in spring/summer hair looks and the variations in...
Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
45 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Looks If you're a natural brunette, chances are at some point you've thought about dressing up your brown hair with some blonde highlights. Whether you embraced the frosted blonde styles of the '90s or super chunky highlights of the early '00s, you've probably noticed...
sombre hair ideas
35 Sombre Hair Ideas And Looks Ombre is a great technique for adding color to your hair that's easy to grow out. But if you're after a hairstyle where different colored ends don't look super bold against your base shade, sombre hair color is a great way to enhance your...
Sandy Blonde Hair Looks
Sandy Blonde Hair Looks Sandy blonde is a great way to wear your lighter locks in a style that looks natural and has lots of depth. If you were born a blonde but your hair has progressively darkened over time sandy blonde can get you back to your lighter roots...
Teal Hair Color Guide The enduring trend towards unnatural hair colors is inspiring women of all ages to ditch the color they were born with. Shades like lavender and pink have been popular for years, but more alternative looking colors like teal are quickly rising in the ranks. If you...
dip dye hair guide
How to Dip Dye Hair at Home | Dip Dye Colors If you're looking for an ombre hairstyle that's cute, fun, and easy to do at home, dip dye hair color is the trend you've got to try. Usually featuring bold and bright colors applied to the very ends of...
Color Melt Hair
What is Color Melting? One of the latest in high-tech hair coloring techniques, color melting is a specific type of ombre that gradually transitions through different colors from roots to ends. Unlike a typical ombre style where there's an obvious line of demarcation between the highlight and base color, color...

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Watch Tag: Ombre Hairstyles video

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