Talk about a dowry for a baby

Talk about a dowry for a babyProbably, each couple is looking forward to the birth of a small miracle.
Many superstitious mothers and fathers decide to buy everything they need for the baby in recent days. It is clear that you should not run to the shops and buy everything from the shelves from the first week of pregnancy, but you shouldn’t be too slow.
So let's try to figure out what you need to buy for a newborn in the first days of his life.

Baby shopping

Each parent is puzzled by acquisitions for a new family member, but it is worth considering that the “dowry” meeting does not stand in a hurry, you need to think carefully about everything so that you don’t forget anything.
Books, magazines, forums are just full of information about this, but you shouldn’t take seriously everything written there. That's why we will try to compile a list of the most necessary things for your little one yourself.
Let's start with what you need to buy for a newborn in the hospital.
In fact, this is a simple set of things that, no doubt, will be useful to the child in the first days of life and will make it easier for young mother to take care of the newborn.
So, the baby will need:

  • undershirts - 3-4;
  • sliders (6-7), they are needed if your plans do not include swaddling a baby;
  • ordinary thin diaper - 3;
  • thin caps - 3;
  • an essential attribute today are diapers.

Talk about a dowry for a babyThen you need to act according to the advice of an obstetrician-gynecologist.
It is worth considering the fact that not all maternity hospitals are allowed to take their things in order to avoid infection of the child. This is a sanitary zone. This point should be discussed directly with the administration of the institution.

Essentials for a baby at home

The child is growing very fast and not always new parents are able to competently choose a wardrobe, some things remain in the package. To avoid this situation, I'll now try to tell you what will be most needed for the baby during this period of life.

  • In the range you need to have 5-6 pockets of high-quality cotton fabric;
  • sliders - up to 15 pcs. It should be noted that they should be both thin and warm, because the weather is so volatile;
  • Bibs - 3 pcs. Choose different sizes, but do not overdo it;
  • warm blouses - from 2 pieces;
  • caps - 2 pieces;
  • Be sure to have a warm hat.

Talk about a dowry for a babyClothes for the child should be comfortable, free and most importantly - from natural materials.
But do not forget about the most important thing - the health of your crumbs. The first-aid kit for the newborn will become your faithful assistant in difficult situations and an essential attribute in the house.
There is always the opportunity to buy a ready-made first-aid kit for a newborn. This is exactly what many moms do before giving birth. But before buying such a "suitcase", it would not hurt to know its contents.
The newborn's first aid kit contains the following list:

  • solution of green alcohol 10 ml - 1 pack;
  • hydrogen peroxide 40 ml - 1 pack;
  • alcoholic iodine (not more than 5%) - 1 pack;
  • baby powder - 1 pack .;
  • sterile bandage (3 m) - 1 pc .;
  • vaseline ointment - 1 pack;
  • toilet sponge - 1 pc .;
  • sterile cotton wool - 1 pack;
  • moisturizing baby cream - 1 pack .;
  • medical gauze 90 cm x 2 m - 1 pack;
  • children's soap - 1 unit;
  • pipettes - 3 pcs .;
  • Thermometer for measuring the water temperature - 1 pc .;
  • medical thermometer - 1 pc .;
  • instructions for all drugs in the first-aid kit - 1 pc.

Talk about a dowry for a babyIt follows from this that the first-aid kit of the newborn has not all the necessary preparations in its composition. But this can always be corrected by adding exactly the medicines that the doctor recommended.
It can be:

  • antipyretic agents.Often these are rectal suppositories;
  • means to help get rid of colic. God forbid that the child does not need it, but in case of pain it is better to take the medicine, since folk remedies are not always able to help;
  • a mixture of herbs (series, chamomile, need to buy oak bark). Herbs have an antiseptic effect. Application: it is necessary to brew herbs according to the instructions and add to the bath;
  • furatsilina solution. Antimicrobial agent, is used for skin lesions, sore throat, conjunctivitis;
  • antiallergic medicines. They should not be taken independently, only after being appointed a doctor.

Drugs should be used only after consulting with your pediatrician.
Do not forget that the first-aid kit of the newborn should be in a cool and inaccessible place for the child.
Of course, every parent will adjust these lists on their own, including something new. Nevertheless, these are small tips to young mothers and fathers, who will help to properly orient themselves and not get lost.Talk about a dowry for a baby
When all things are folded, the first-aid kit for the newborn is assembled, it remains only to wait for the birth of a small miracle.

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