Tandem forks with ice - a secret weapon for updating the carpet

The fact that after a long operation of the carpet on it may remain dents from the furniture, everyone knows, but the secret of getting rid of them is known to the units. Meanwhile, straighten the pile to the ugliness is simple, with that without any attachments.

All that is needed is a carpet (it is necessary to vacuum it) and a few cubes of ordinary ice.

The amount of ice directly depends on the size of the dent. Ice is laid directly on the places where the pile is crushed and allowed to completely melt. If a lot of liquid forms during the melting process, it is necessary to get a surplus with a sponge. After it remains only to straighten the pile with a fork and allow the carpet to dry completely.

The dried carpet is ready for use. Having vacuumed it, it will be almost impossible to find a processing place.

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