Tasty and healthy macadamia nut

High-calorie nut called macadamia comes from Australia. This variety is the most valuable among all representatives of the nut family, and this is expressed not only in its value: the product contains such a huge amount of substances useful to the human body that a small handful of such nuts can replace a full meal.

The cost of the product was influenced by the conditions of its growth: a constant exposure to pests and hurricanes makes cultivation of crops a costly and difficult process.

Characteristics and composition

The macadamia tree begins fruiting only 9 years after planting, and the maturation of the walnut occurs within six months. The main criterion for the good development of culture is constant sunlight, so it grows only in countries with a suitable climate.

The plant was introduced to the world by a researcher named John McAdam, after whom culture was later named.The collection and processing of fruits are laborious and laborious work, as they have a fairly hard shell that prevents easy separation of the core.

The tree grows up to 14-15 m high and often prefers moist forests. This species can bear fruit for up to 100 years in a row, and the geography of its habitat has considerably expanded today. Walnut is cultivated in Africa, the USA, China, in some South American territories, in Australia and New Zealand, and the Hawaiian Islands, the volcanic soil of which ideally suited this culture, are the largest supplier of the nutritional product.

Macadamia is still the most expensive and high-calorie nuts around the globe - at the moment the price for 1 kg is about $ 30.

The yield of plantings depends on the conditions, type of soil and plant varieties. After the nuts ripen, their upper layer cracks and they fall to the ground.

Nutrient and nourishing fruits contain vitamins, dietary fiber, as well as useful elements needed by a person. In addition, fruits contain monounsaturated fats, starch and water, and a high percentage of sugars in the composition (about 9%) is a distinctive feature of other nut crops.

The useful properties of the product do not end there: the zinc, calcium, phosphorus, as well as selenium, sodium and copper contained in the cores make them indispensable for restoring the body, heal headaches, heal skin problems. In addition, nuts are attributed to the property of ridding the body of excess cholesterol, as well as helping with diseases of the cardiovascular system and bones.

Some nutritionists advise to use the fruits as a means for losing weight - despite the high calorie content, the fruits contain a lot of nutrients, which means that a small handful can completely replace food intake.

From macadamia in an industrial environment, essential oil is produced, which promotes skin healing, increase its tone and eliminate toxins. That is why macadamia oil is successfully used in cosmetology practice.

Application and selection criteria

Due to the similarity of tastes of macadamia with hazelnuts, it is often used in cooking to create chocolate desserts, as well as a complementary taste to sherry or black coffee. Nuts are good for making salads, and in some countries they are served with seafood.

Speaking about how this product is useful, it is impossible not to mention the following qualities:

  • headache relief;
  • recuperation after stress or heavy physical exertion;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • improving skin condition;
  • effective help with burns;
  • removal of harmful substances from the body;
  • improvement in brain activity;
  • enrichment of body cells with oxygen;
  • reduction of arthrosis, arthritis and osteoporosis;
  • reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • antitumor effect.

In addition, contraindications to the use of macadamia are reduced only to the individual intolerance of the fetus by man. However, it is important to know that such a product is strictly contraindicated for dogs - some components of its composition adversely affect the body of pets and can lead to severe poisoning, and, in some cases, death of the animal.

Not only the nut is used for consumption, but also its oil, which is often used in cosmetology, cooking and traditional medicine. Oil from the fruit is obtained by pressing them.

The shelf life of the product in the shell is 1-2 years, depending on the ambient temperature.It is best if it does not fall below 0 and rise above 10 degrees Celsius. Purified kernels are recommended to be placed in vacuum bags for storage and stored at a temperature of 0-5º С for up to a year. If there is no vacuum packaging, nuts are stored for only up to 3 months.

Macadamia is not in vain considered a delicious delicacy all over the world: its taste is appreciated in many countries and on many continents. In order not to be mistaken in the quality of fruits, buying them in the store, first of all you should pay attention to their variety: it is recommended to choose Ikaika, Keaau, Kakea, and also Keauhou from Hawaiian varieties, and Howard, Ebony or Collard - from Australian varieties. In addition, there are varieties with easily splitting shells - they were bred quite recently and have the names Teddington and Beaumont.

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