Tatyana Bulanova: “I didn’t give me happiness in my passport”

The singer told Woman’s Day how she was going through a divorce, what a man had to do in order to win her heart, and to whom from star friends she would go for advice.

Favorite artist, who became famous for her tearful songs about unhappy love, did not escape the sad fate of her heroines: after 11 years of marriage, she divorced her second husband, football player and coach Vladislav Radimov, who married her second son Nikita. The other day, she appeared at the “Successful Songs” star concert at the Moscow Crocus City Hall. She smiled at the photographers, as always, with a touch of sadness in her eyes.

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- In fact, not everything in life is as easy and simple as we would like. Unfortunately, or fortunately, life has turned out that way, ”Tatyana Bulanova shared with how Woman’s Day how she is going through a divorce.

She noted that the status of a free woman had no effect on her communication with fans in social networks - as she wrote all sorts of cute things, so they wrote.There were no persistent offers from the opposite sex, although anything happened in life.

Tatyana Bulanova

- In my lifetime there were crazy people, but there were not many of them. There were several times on tour that people specifically came, tracked, and it was really very scary. In my opinion, a normal person would not be so cheeky to climb with his love. And there was everything down to threats.

- What did he want from you?
Tatyana Bulanova

- Get married. Then three years later one more wanted to marry, two years after that one more ...

- But they did not like you?
Tatyana Bulanova

- We, artists, in life are absolutely not the same as on stage. We are tired, tortured, rude. It happens that in general to no one. If you are ready to share your fate with such a woman ...

- And if someone is really ready? How to reach your heart?
Tatyana Bulanova

- First of all, you need to move to St. Petersburg. Buy an apartment there, settle, and we'll see.

- And your previous husbands were ready to live with you like this - tired, tortured, rude?
Tatyana Bulanova

- Nikolai (the first husband of the artist is a musician and producer Nikolai Tagrin, with whom they lived 13 years, and gave birth to a son. - Ed.) Was a wonderful person. We are still dating.He is incredibly erudite, interesting, with an amazing sense of humor. I was interested in him. This is probably the most important thing. It doesn't matter whether or not there was money. At that moment we were almost equal. He won me his attitude, education, aristocracy. I understood that this is a man of the level to which one must reach out. He was amazingly educated, knowledgeable. Our tandem existed together and, I hope, brought us some benefit in the work.

- Do you communicate with the second?
Tatyana Bulanova

- Yes, we have a great relationship.

- So they were ready to endure any?
Tatyana Bulanova

- It turns out, yes.

Photo: Interpress / PhotoXPress.ru
- Do you believe that there is a second chance after a divorce and people can come together again? Or is divorce everything?
Tatyana Bulanova

- There is such a wonderful commentator Gennady Orlov, who divorced his wife, then they got married again. And live happy. And there are many such stories - Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova. They also had a similar story. Sergey Zhigunov and his ... But no, there is a little more.

- And you can have this?
Tatyana Bulanova

- Yes, if I knew!

- Star girlfriends help you with advice? Lolita or Rosa Syabitova?
Tatyana Bulanova

- I trust my intuition, but Lolita is a wonderful woman, I would go to her for advice!

- In what status it is better to feel - in a free or married?
Tatyana Bulanova

- It is best to feel in love and beloved woman. Stamps do not give happiness. They give reliability, confidence that a person is not looking for someone else.

- Who is better - younger, older or the same age?
Tatyana Bulanova

- You can love and eighteen. The main thing is that love is mutual. But a man should love a woman a little more. And a woman should allow herself to love. I know that there is something from above that we don’t know, but it exists, I just don’t want to talk about it.

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