Little Bear Box

Make this cute little box is not difficult. Due to its unusual shape and original design, the box will be a wonderful decoration of the interior. In it you can store any small jewelry: rings, earrings, chains.
Casket with a bear
For the manufacture we need the following materials: 1. Wooden cask stock. 2. Primer. 3. Decoupage napkin. A napkin with a bear was chosen for this master class. 4. PVA glue, scissors, pencil, sponge, brush, screwdriver. 5. Acrylic paints. 6. Lace. 7. 3D Pts. 8. Acrylic lacquer. Now you can proceed to decorating. First stage.In order to decorate the box, you need to disassemble it. Therefore, we arm ourselves with a screwdriver and unscrew all the metal fasteners so that the casket breaks up into two parts, and nothing prevents us. However, before making any decorating actions on the box, it should be primed.It is necessary to make it so that the paint better lies on the surface, and the box lasts longer. So, we take a brush and, dipping it into the ground, we coat the entire surface of the workpiece outside and inside. We give the primer to dry. Since the background of our napkin is white, it is better to paint the entire lid of the casket with white acrylic paint so that the wood does not shine through and does not spoil the napkin. After the paint has dried, proceed to cut out the napkin.
The second stage.Select the appropriate image motif, turn the napkin, put the lid on it and draw it around the contour a pencil. Then cut, attach to the lid and customize, if required. apply a napkin to the lid
Now the napkin needs to be stratified, getting rid of the two extra layers and leaving only the upper thin layer with the picture. And you can begin to apply the cloth on the cover. To the napkin lay flat, you can use plain water from the tap. Pour water into a glass, take a brush, apply a napkin to the lid and drip some water into the center. We begin to gently moisten the entire napkin, moving from the center.If in some place it falls unevenly, lift the napkin by the dry edge and lower it again, smoothing it with a wet brush. So we reach the edges of the napkin and also “glue” them with water. This method helps to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles when applied to a napkin glue.
paste napkin
It is not necessary to wait for the napkin to dry. Because then it will just fall off. Therefore, take the glue PVA, dunk the brush in it and glue the wet napkin with glue. This should be done very carefully so as not to tear the napkin. glue the napkin to the casket And now you can wait for drying. The third stage.Let's start painting the sides of the box. We part pink acrylic paint to match the hearts on a napkin and paint over the side of the lid and the entire bottom.
coloring bokeh
After drying the paint, you can do lace. Vymerya strip of lace of suitable length and cut off. Now let's make the lace more elegant and unusual. To do this, take a silver paint and a sponge.Put the lace on a piece of paper or newspaper, dunk a sponge in silver paint and put it on the lace, carefully dyeing. Again we wait for the drying of the paint, we turn the lace and lubricate the inside with PVA glue. Now you can stick it to the bottom of our casket.
apply lace
The fourth stage.While the lace is drying, we will deal with the inside of the box. It was decided to paint with silver paint. But that the silver paint lay better, and the tree did not shine, you must first paint the interior with acrylic gray paint. When the paint is dry, you can apply a second layer - now silver.
we paint inside part
 painting inside
Fifth stage.To give the box a finished look, again take a sponge, dunk it in silver paint and "chpokaem" side of the box in the corners. At this stage, the box can already be reassembled, but it is better to do it at the very end, when the varnish dries. We take a 3D Patch and apply it from a tube to a bear cub and a cloud.First, we outline the image along the contour, then inside, until the images are completely filled with the image. Externally, potch is a bit like PVA glue, but after drying it becomes transparent and gives the image a volume. He dries, by the way, about four hours depending on the size of the image. You can just leave the box for the night.
apply contour
 pour glue
Sixth stage.After complete drying of the box, cover it with acrylic varnish inside and out in two layers. The gap between the layers is about half an hour. A full casket dries 24 hours.

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