The girl painted several building blocks. The result creatively transformed her garden

Slag stone is perceived by people as something fundamental, intended for real construction. But what if you have some materials left? Do not rush to return them to the store, and certainly not worth carrying to the dump.

Video blogger Suzel () from South Africa suggests using blocks to build a comfortable colorful bench in the garden. In addition to the blocks themselves, the girl needed soil, garden tools and flowers ready for transplantation. After all, her bench is at the same time a flowerbed! The girl invited a friend, because working with heavy blocks alone was not easy.

To start the blocks should be painted. Suzel proposes to use paint in the form of a spray for this and apply it on the blocks using a stencil of film.The girl chose a few of her favorite colors in pastel colors.

Suzel fastened the blocks with the help of construction glue, which ensures a reliable fixation of the whole structure.

When laying it is important to make sure that in the top row the blocks are laid up empty cavities. They will be used as a landing tank.

The girl landed on her bed already grown flowers. But you can sow and seeds, though a beautiful bench will be a little later.

It remains to add a few soft pillows. If the bench is located under the open sky, choose a water-repellent fabric.

Slag stones - a versatile building material, reminiscent of Lego for adults.

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