The history of the development of road transport: major milestones

Stage 1 - Ford T

This model has become the great-grandfather of the modern car. It began to be produced from 1908 to 1926. The car looked like a coupe, there were no head restraints for the seats. But his salon was very spacious, including due to the lack of a dashboard. Instead, there was a flap opening lever. The ignition is switched on with the left grip. Engine capacity - only 2.9 liters., Power - 20 hp

Stage 2 - American Willys MB

The release of this model was the next stage in the development of the automotive industry. This machine is famous during the Second World War. It was released into production until the eighties of the last century. The model is constantly updated, in recent years it was produced under the brand name Jeep. Its main advantages are high maneuverability and a powerful power unit - 60 horsepower.In addition, management bodies, the body and the cabin were improved.

Stage 3 - German Volkswagen Kafer

In the people, this car is called the Beetle, the release of this model means the next stage in the development of the automotive industry. She began to be issued in the forties. However, the latest samples were launched for sale even in 2003. Models were sold all over the world and were very popular. For the entire production time, about twenty million such small-sized cars have been sold. The main advantages of this car are four speeds, rear-wheel drive, organic dashboard, upholstery, closed body.

Stage 4 - Citroen 2CV

This car is popularly called the Ugly Duckling. In production, it was launched from 1948 to 1990. The uniqueness of this model lies in the fact that it has the original interior of the passenger compartment, the company single-spoke steering wheel, horizontal speedometer, and a four-speed manual transmission. Engine power - 30 horsepower, volume - 0.6 liters.

Stage 5 - Rabant 601

Production of this model was started in the 1960s, it marked the current stage of development of the automotive industry. The car of German origin has become a worthy rival to its European competitors because of the universal body.In addition, the advantages of this car can also include a decent suspension and a spacious body, including in the area of ​​the rear seats. The car has an original interior. Engine power - already 41 horsepower, and the volume - 1.1 liter.

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