The house has an area of ​​14.5 square meters. meters enough space for 4 people

In this compact house of a container with an area of ​​14.5 square meters. meters can fit a family of four. The building is perfect as an option for spending the night on weekends or as a country house on a small plot.

The project of the house from the company Cubica.The project of the house from the company Cubica.

Architectural firm Cúbica (Costa Rica) specializes in the construction of alternative residential structures. This time, the designers presented a small, but functional Casa Cúbica house, which is based on a sea container. The dwelling area is only 14.5 square meters, but this did not prevent the developers from planning the space in such a way as to offer space for four people.

House container Casa Cubica. Layout.House container Casa Cubica. Layout.

Inside the house there is a small kitchen and wardrobes for clothes, in the middle there is a wide bed, and there is a bathroom with washing machine in the corner. On the side of the container is a small wooden extension.Thus expanding the living space, the designers added two more beds.

Optimum use of free space.Optimum use of free space.


Casa Cubica. Interior.Casa Cubica. Interior. Casa Cubica. Roof terrace.Casa Cubica. Roof terrace.

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