The most ridiculous and absurd clothes that you can actually buy in online stores

When we see models pacing the podium in strange and sometimes awkward outfits, we do not understand who will actually wear such things in real life. But the clothes that the models demonstrate at fashion shows are not called upon by anyone to wear in everyday life, which cannot be said about the things that are sold in online stores. Sometimes the Internet offers such crazy clothes that a normal person would hardly have dared to wear.

Hairy swimsuit

Hugging jacket

Bag that can not be stolen

Cowboy Sandals

Tangled beach skirt

But someone buys it

Plastic pants. We can not even imagine what could be more convenient!

Transforming jeans with detachable leg

Denim jacket for those who sweat their shoulders

Attention, it costs $ 145

For those who can not decide what to wear

Speak fringe again in fashion?


Do you think these are just dirty jeans? No, it's just a color like you fell into a puddle.

Another crazy fantasy designers

Bib for those who want everyone to think that he has a shirt

Flared jeans with feathers. Kirkorov would be jealous

Jeans with frills

Imagine how your sides fall out through these holes.

People involved in beekeeping would find a much more rational use for this.

Removable trousers.

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