The murdered husband left Maksakova without inheritance

Shortly before his death, the ex-deputy rewrote all his possessions on his first wife and their common children.

The hype around the murder of ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov does not subside. All the new versions of the murder are being put forward, and the actions of the bodyguards of the politician are also being analyzed in detail. But the main theme of all talk remained Voronenkov inheritance. After all, only three of his Moscow luxury apartments and a mansion on Rublevka were estimated by experts at a billion rubles.

But, as it turned out, the notorious wife of the murdered Maria Maksakova will not get any of them!

Shortly before his death, Voronenkov almost all of his property was decorated for his first wife Yulia and their common children. As a result, according to the documents, the first wife passed the mansion on Rublevka, a four-room apartment in the west of Moscow and a three-room apartment near Sokolniki Park.

At the 19-year-old Nikolai Voronenkov decorated two apartments in a house on Tverskaya Street and one on Malaya Gruzinskaya.But Maria Maksakova (by the way, raising a son from Voronenkov) can claim only a third of a four-room apartment on Udaltsova Street, since she is framed by three owners - Voronenkov, his daughter Xenia and son Nikolay.

At the same time, the spacious view apartments in the Moscow-City tower will remain behind the opera diva. Voronenkov presented their singer before leaving for Kiev.

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Maria is not in a hurry to return to Moscow.

“After those slops that were poured on me, should I return as someone? I did not understand whom I betrayed. I do not understand what I did wrong, deciding after the end of parliamentary activities to live where I like. Until I fulfill everything I owe as a wife (everything that concerns 9 days, 40 days and even more), I will go to the grave and talk with my beloved husband. Until I feel internally that he let me go, I will not leave Kiev, ”said Maria, writes.

Recall that in Moscow the singer is also waiting for two children from her first marriage - a son Ilya and a daughter Lyudmila. Maksakova gave her last name to both children. According to unofficial sources, the father is a crime boss, a well-known thief in law and the head of the Bratsk organized criminal group, Vladimir Tyurin (this is a reference to a man on Wikipedia). Only once in an interview with the magazine “Rest.Names! ”Maksakova said that Vladimir conquered her with his well-thought-out plans for family life.

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