The son of Dmitry Nagiyev found a part time job in Sochi!

And the DJ Kirill Nagiyev helped in this his page on the social network. And Sochi friends, of course.

“Do I have my own people in Sochi? On the twentieth morning I will be passing by you for the whole day! It would be great in the afternoon to play in your sexy beach bar! Write to Direct, ”such a post appeared on Cyril’s page yesterday.

It turned out that he was invited to the music festival in Georgia, in Sochi - exactly for the day. And so as not to waste time, DJ Nagiyev (as well as the actor who hosts the Revizor-show on the Friday! Channel. - Approx. Woman’s Day) decided to play a set in one of the city’s clubs.

"His people" were quickly found. Already tonight in the trendy restaurant-club Chernomorskaya, 5, in the center of the city, judging by the billboard, "Kirill Nagiev plays."

“Yes, Kirill will definitely be around 20:30, and we are glad that he chose our club! Will perform on the terrace. Today, admission is free. An autograph session is not provided, but you come to him, he never refuses a photo, ”they told us at the club.

The fee at the DJ, of course, will be - according to some information, about 10,000 rubles.

So those who are in Sochi today will be lucky to hear how Nagiyev Jr. plays. And girls will certainly appreciate the look of an unmarried guy. Recently, Cyril returned from another long trip to India, where while working on the film, he ate some fruits and vegetables and, of course, lost weight, and his famous beard became even longer.

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