Holiday Decoration

Holiday is not only a sweet cake, tasty wine and loud music. Holiday is also inspiration, mood, and emotion. And in order for him to be remembered for a long time, a trip to the store for groceries and gifts is not enough. The holiday should be created by masters who have a refined taste and ability to feel the mood of the heroes of the occasion.

The palette of festive emotions Exquisite art that requires inspiration, can be considered a festive decor. The design of holidays differs from other arts in that the master works in it to create the image and mood in which his client feels the need, and not himself. And the difficulty is that each holiday needs its own, only suitable mood. Under the design of the holiday, as a rule, mean the choice of themes and a single color palette. Every detail of the festive event should correspond to them.For example, the main attributes of retro weddings will be old cars, jazz music, short dresses for the bride and pants with suspenders for the groom, as well as pearls, paper angels, birdies and lace, which should be present in the design of the banquet hall. Any holiday - children's birthday, anniversary, corporate party, New Year or wedding - should be decorated with taste. Holiday design details Any holiday can be a beautiful and soulful one. The main thing is to understand what the guests and the heroes of the occasion themselves expect from him. But perhaps the most ordinary festive decor is impossible without the following attributes: • using plants (live or artificial, cut or in pots, individual flower arrangements or ordinary bouquets); • fabrics (they decorate banquet halls, festive tables and chairs, columns and walls); • balloons (just hovering over the table or assembled into author's compositions). There is one more nuance: the larger the event, the more attributes it will have to use in its decor. If the opening of the store can be arranged using only balloons, then the decoration of the wedding will have to involve not only the balloons, but also the flowers and fabrics.In addition, large-scale events usually consist of several stages. In this case, you will need to decorate each of them. Of course, you can refuse to design wedding cars or a banquet hall, but this is unlikely to have a positive effect on the overall level of your event. Holidays design is an art that begins with love. It is in its eternal and majestic colors that your holiday should be sustained in order to leave pleasant memories about yourself.

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