There is a chance

There is a chance?

Hello! such a problem: he served in the army, but unfortunately he did not complete his service until the end, he was commissioned under article 17b .. for 3 years he was thinking how to remove the article. Now I started to run (to solve the problem), I went to the HDP for examination, they would put it (remove the diagnosis), but they did not put me (the supervisor said why we put you, if there were no calls, you are not registered with us, and indeed you need). There is nothing in the military registration and enlistment office, no one can say ... they did not let them to the military commissar, they sent him first to one office, from there to another, and there to the next. In general, I did not hear anything intelligible. Help please, tell me! Remove the article really? Who to contact, where to start? I repeat, in the PND they told me that they could not help me, since I am not listed there at all, not with complaints, not like in general.

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