You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a simple pencil, eraser, materials for working in color.
Prepare a blank card, a simple pencil and an eraser. Arrange the workpiece horizontally or vertically, this figure takes up a square area. Using a simple pencil, begin to sketch, following the instructions below.
Draw the basis of the twigs - the diagonal. From her spend how short twigs of different lengths. At the base of the main branch, the minor branches will be longer than at its base. And although they are drawn on the sides, they are directed to the same place where the end of the main branch is. Draw a small oval on the branches - a sketch of a fir cone.
Now mark the contour of the needles on the twigs. Make sure that the distance from the contour to the branch is about the same everywhere. On the cone scribble its scales. To do this, in the form of its draw a cell, drawing a line diagonally.
Neatly draw the needle on the branch. The picture is decorative,therefore, the needles may seem to you a little bit thick - no big deal. Using an eraser, erase the auxiliary lines of the needle border.
Specify the pattern of needles. Sketch the buds of the cones, rounding the corners of the resulting "rhombs." Note that the scales are larger in the middle and shrink towards the end and base of the cone. Eraser erase unnecessary lines. Prepare materials to work in color.
For this picture paints - watercolor or gouache are best suited, you can use a mixed technique. Start with the background, fill it with a color well diluted with water. Then you can slightly increase the saturation of the background around the picture.Branch�Spruce cover in green. The lower parts can darken in a more saturated color or mix green with blue. The tops of the branches can brighten white or yellow. Cover the lump in brown. In yellow color, lighten the middle, in blue - the shadow of scales, thus emphasizing them. The bump is darker at the bottom and top.
After the work is dry, use a black helium pen or a thin black felt tip pen to stroke the pattern, drawing needles and scales.This way your drawing will become clearer. Spruce twig is ready!
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Tip 2: How to draw a spruce branch

To convey the atmosphere of an event, it is not necessary to portray it in detail, it is often enough to note the most characteristic details. This also applies to the New Year's holiday - you can smell the tangerines and hear the crunch of snow by looking at the picture, which will show only a sprig of fir.
How to draw a spruce branch
You will need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - watercolor;
  • - brushes;
  • - palette.
Take a sheet of paper for watercolors. Try to find the material is not white, and toned, ivory. Lightly noticeable pencil lines mark its space. Divide the sheet in half horizontally and vertically. In the left upper part there will be bells, a ball and a cone. The lower right square is balanced by the thickest part of the spruce paw. Leave some air in the remaining areas.
Specify the shape of the decorations on the tree. For the ball, draw vertical and horizontal axes (they should be equal in length).In the center, draw an ellipse that marks the volume of the ball. Connect the ends of the axes and sides of the ellipse with smooth lines to complete the construction of the form. Erase the lines of the axis and the back of the ellipse, and make its front section very light, a little visible.
For each of the bells, also draw a separate axis. They will be located at an angle of 45 degrees to each other. Ellipses in the lower and upper parts of the bells are different in width.
Outline the cones outline approximately. The main thing - to achieve its believable image.
Branch�ate do not draw in detail. It will be enough to designate the basics of the branches, and it is better to draw needles at once with paints.
Paint the drawing with watercolor. Take the thinnest brush (# 1), mix in the palette a light brown color with a little red. Mark the ball with thin lines. When the paint dries, wash it with a clean brush on the left side of the subject, which is more illuminated.
On the central part of the bells, draw a color reflex from the ribbons. To do this, use light brown and burgundy colors. In the shaded areas on the sides, apply a strip of dark brown with green and yellow.
You will need several shades of brown and blue to make the bumps. On the lighted areas, add a cool shade of brown to the brown; when moving to the shade, use a warm reddish.
The most painstaking work to be done when coloring a branch of spruce. Draw each needle in one color. Then, when it dries, apply different shades on each of the needles.

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