The transmission rate of the olfactory impulse to the brain exceeds any other impulse in speed. That is why people are so susceptible to the effects of various kinds of odors.

Few people know that with the help of smells you can control the behavior of the opposite sex. The pheromones that a woman gives out are very similar to floral scents. The smell of fruit and any sweet foods, on the contrary, repels the male sex, as this fragrance speaks of the immaturity of the girl.
If we talk about men, then to attract women it is best to use fragrances that contain oily odors. According to research scientists, 80% of women felt the excitement of men with just such a smell.
The smell of gasoline also plays a specific role in our lives. The positive attitude of the person to these flavors indicates a lack of development of the thyroid gland. At the same time, an excessive abundance of these odors can lead to shortness of breath, temperature, and gagging.
The smell of burnt wood can also cause ambivalent feelings. However, according to research scientists, 67% of the subjects experienced anxiety. This condition can be removed by the smell of green herbs: basil, dill, parsley, mint. Usually they lead to a relaxed, calm state.
Smells of fried food or vice versa the smell of fresh food is often used in modern supermarkets. Approaching a shop, you not only look at a product, but also feel its smell. At the same time in the stores often include also a sound background. All this removes the barrier of the psyche, and a person unconsciously takes a product for himself.

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Tip 2: How to drive a car while pregnant

The advantages of a personal car are obvious, especially during pregnancy. It will save you from a long wait for public transport, you can not be afraid that someone can push or pinch you and the opportunity to catch viral diseases is significantly reduced. There are a lot of advantages, but there are also certain difficulties, because during pregnancy there are big changes in the body of a woman.Being pregnant, a woman should not be nervous, and driving a car requires stressful situations where you need to be able to concentrate in time and act at lightning speed. Here are some useful tips that will help to maximize the safety of driving during pregnancy.
How to drive while pregnant
Do not neglect the seat belt. Most pregnant women are confident that the seat belt can harm the baby, so they simply do not use it. In fact, this is a dangerous fallacy. Seat belts can not harm the child, on the contrary, they will help protect him from harm. Being pregnant, the expectant mother should be responsible not only for herself alone.
Avoid traveling during rush hour. Plan your trips so as not to get into traffic jams. Pregnant women are not recommended to sit in one pose for a long time, and in a car jam you just have to sit for hours without moving.
All the time, check the adjustment of rear-view mirrors and driver's seat. During pregnancy, the female figure is constantly changing. This feature must be considered when adjusting the driver's seat and mirrors.The distance from the helm to the abdomen should be at least 10 centimeters.
Do not break traffic rules. It should always be remembered that if before pregnancy you were a very confident and experienced driver and allowed yourself to sometimes break the rules in order to cut off the road or go around the traffic jam, now everything is different. During pregnancy, some reactions in the body slow down, so a woman should be extremely careful on the road and strictly follow all the rules.
Periodically stop and rest. During long journeys, make stops and get out of the car to establish blood circulation and warm up. You should always have a supply of drinking water in your car and something light from food, as well as warm clothes and a blanket.
Do not drive during toxemia. The smell of gasoline and exhaust can cause you to severe irritation, headaches and even fainting.
Do not try to get to the maternity hospital on your own if you have already had contractions. In this case, it is necessary to urgently call for the help of close people who will call you soon. Even if it seems to you that contractions are not strong - it is still better not to risk and not endanger yourself and the child.

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