Tip 2: Ways to combat excess weight

All women who have tried to lose weight, know that you need not only to go on a diet, but also to comply with it after losing weight, so as not to gain weight back. Weight Loss Conditions:

  1. If there is excess weight, it means that you do not need to overeat. If so, then you should set a goal and get rid of such a habit as overeating. You do not need to hang your problem on the doctor, because if you overeat constantly, no treatment will be effective.
  2. If you are forced to lose weight girlfriend or husband, then this will not help. It is necessary that a person truly wants to change his figure himself.
  3. No need to say to yourself: "I want to lose weight, I do not want to be full." Completeness implies: poor health, hypertension, decreased performance, etc. Completeness is also complexes, poor relationships with a loved one, loss of attractiveness, problems in your personal life, etc. You just need to determine why and who to lose weight.If you know the exact purpose, then nothing will lead you astray, even any holiday.
  4. Also for a certain result of losing weight you need to calculate the difference between the ideal and the actual weight. For this there are special formulas and tables. In addition, there are four degrees of obesity: 11 - 24% overweight; 25–49%; 50-99%; 100% or more. The timing of weight loss is different for everyone, depending on the degree of obesity, weight, height and age of the person.
  5. Dieting should be a lifetime, but it should be easy and acceptable for the stomach. It is necessary to refuse fat products, flour products, potatoes and sweets. You also need to do fasting days. The most effective diets include: kefir, curd, cucumber, cabbage, apple, etc.

Self-suggestion helps to strengthen the will to win over weight. It is necessary to develop a good attitude to the diet and a negative to overeating. In the morning and in the evening, as well as at the time when there is a desire to break the diet, self-hypnosis session should be conducted. To tell oneself: “Sweet and flour is a discord in the family, a second chin, an ugly belly”. But when adjusting yourself to the fact that you can soon become slim and men will pay attention, then it will be easier to lose weight.

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