Tip 3: Where to relax in the summer of 2015 in Russia cheap?

Today, more and more people are dreaming of a quality and inexpensive vacation. Moreover, not everyone can afford to travel abroad due to a number of important reasons, such as difficult financial situation, not portability of long trips, language barrier, and so on. Holidays in Russia is designed specifically for this category of people. You do not need to spend money and time to travel abroad, draw up a large number of documents, spend a lot of money, as well as learn a foreign language. Such advantages vacation in their own country makes it even more attractive and in demand.
Where to relax in the summer of 2015 in Russia cheap?
Sochi is always at the peak of popularity
For recreation, in any case, this city will be a win-win option.
People from all over the country come here and arrange themselves a different level of rest - in spacious tents, expensive private villas, boarding houses or low-cost private cabins.
In addition to a beach holiday in Russia, there are many more places where you can relax cheaply and usefully in the summer. In almost every suburb or region there is some kind of boarding house or sanatorium where you can improve your health, breathe the healing air or just have fun and have a good time. In Karelia and Altai, there are very beautiful healing pensions where you can gain strength and regain your health quite well.
On the rest in the North Caucasus should be told separately, and especially about the Stavropol region. This place is famous for its amazing pristine nature, healthy air and rich healing resources. And the most important thing is that all this is available to almost every Russian citizen with an average level of income.
In general, you can rent a house or a room from a private individual, and independently attend all health resort treatments.
Four popular health resorts
Pyatigorsk. Healing mineral springs is famous for this resort, where people come to be treated from all over the world. More than 40 sources include Pyatigorsk, among which sulphide ones are famous for their popularity.radon and sulphate waters.
Zheleznovodsk. The resort is located between two mountain ranges - Beshtau and Iron Mountain. It offers healing waters of the Slavyanovsky and Smirnovsky sources. For rehabilitation and treatment using healing mud from the Tambukan Lake.
Essentuki. In the improvement of patients with diabetes, he is the leader. Many other ailments are successfully cured by balneology along with the course taking of mineral water and a number of medical procedures.
Kislovodsk. Mineral water treatment is the hallmark of this city.
Excursion inexpensive rest
Do not forget about sightseeing tourism, if we talk about cheap holidays in Russia. Our country has a rich history, so it is here that there are a sufficient number of architectural monuments, historical sites and museums that are worth visiting at least once in your life in order to learn more about your country. In almost every Russian city or village, you can find something interesting and exciting for yourself, as well as have fun with friends and family.

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