Tired of being sexy: Sharon Stone is like a grandmother on the beach

The star of "Basic Instinct" finally allowed herself to look at her age.

Sharon Stone is one of those women over whom the years have no power. The actress turned 60 in March, and she still allows herself to wear a mini, wear a bikini, and she also has a young lover. Italian Angelo Boffa, with whom the star celebrated its anniversary, is only 41 years old. On walks with him, Stone tries to match her boyfriend and dress fashionably, exposing the figure. And here she has something to be proud of. In her years, the actress is very smart, which she achieved thanks to the sport and her own know-how - herbal tea, which drinks 20 cups a day.

However, when there is no handsome young man, Sharon allows himself to relax. The actress shared a snapshot of the rest. In the photo, a star and a friend are sunbathing at a resort. Instead of a sexy bikini on a celebrity discreet swimsuit. No styling, ordinary glasses on the face.The fans looked and summed up: the actress with a friend just like old men.

Photo: @sharonstone

Sharon still looks good, but if usually, on the red tracks, her age is not readable, the author of the picture managed to convey a certain feeling that Stone was tired of being a sex symbol, she no longer wants to prove anything.

Recently, the actress has really become more likely to appear in outfits that highlight the flaws of the figure, posting pictures without makeup, on which all age changes are clearly visible. Many fans assume that it’s just the young boyfriend who is to blame for such drastic changes. After all, he is satisfied with what his beloved woman looks like, who is 19 years older. So why should she indulge in all serious things? However, some followers cautiously hint the star that you should not relax. Such real estate agents as Angelo, around a dime a dozen, they appear and disappear, and Stone, if she does not want to remain without roles and new proposals in the cinema, you should still be more attentive and watch your image.

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