To dream a loop - interpretation

The loop seen in a dream personifies the person’s subconscious fears and doubts. However, despite the fact that this symbol is often associated with deception and danger, it can also have a positive meaning. In order to understand its meaning, you should remember your dream in detail, and then familiarize yourself with the interpretation of various dream books.

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Sleep loop
Sleep loop

Esoteric dream book

To dream a loop - to a successful transaction, and tie it to a new acquaintance, thanks to which you can get rich. If you dreamed of loops, formed on stockings, in real life you are waiting for annoying incidents.

Psychoanalytic dream book

This symbol represents the fear of falling into the trap set by other people. If the noose dreams of a man on the eve of the wedding, it is quite possible he is afraid that family life will limit his freedom. For girls, this dream means that they are afraid to never get married and remain forever in the parental home.


The hinge dream foreshadows participation in any risky deal or an unhappy marriage.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

According to the dream book, this sign serves as a warning that danger lurks in real life. If you are trying in vain to tie a loop into a knot, this means that you do not like to consult with other people, but you have to sacrifice your principles in order to achieve the desired goal. The loop around your neck that you see in a dream says that you are an optimistic person who knows how to enjoy every moment of your life.


If you dream of a noose, it means that someone wants to lure you into love networks. If you tie it up, you will soon be able to make a profitable deal and get a good financial profit.

Dream dream Akulina

The loop symbolizes the trap that your enemies have prepared for you. In order to avoid danger, it is necessary to imagine that it is easily unraveled and turns into a regular rope.

Jewish dream book

If this character dreamed from Sunday to Monday, you expect some minor problems. Dream, seen on weekdays, promises minor troubles. Loop dreamed at the weekend? It is likely that you will become dependent on a bad person.

Dream dream miss high

If in your dream you hold a loop in your hands, in real life your heart desires will not come true.

The newest dream book

To dream of a loop - to a meeting with a member of the opposite sex, who will make every effort to fall in love with you.

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