To see a parrot in a dream

If you dreamed of an exotic bird, try to interpret a dream with the help of a dream book. The parrot symbolizes empty news, conversations, news. What news warns the dream, you can find out, remembering the details of what he saw.

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Why dream of a parrot, dream book
Why dream of a parrot, dream book

Female dream book

A very bad omen is to see a dead parrot. If the bird has died, you may be abandoned by true friends. A young girl before the wedding to see a parrot is not good, her fiance may be disappointed in the bride and her character.

  • the parrot is talking - empty gossip;

  • to teach a parrot to talk - to bring difficulties and trouble;

  • silent - calm in the family.

Russian people's dream book

A parrot in a dream can warn you that there is a talkative person nearby who cannot be trusted with their secrets and spiritual experiences. If a bird cries out loud or speaks, perhaps you should be wary of a person who talks a lot about you.

Dream book writer Aesop

After seeing a parrot in a dream, first of all you should take a closer look at your surroundings.A beautiful, bright bird symbolizes a person who attracts attention, which can bring trouble to you. The parrot is a symbol of stupidity, and it is difficult to fight fools. Fear gossip, idle talk, do not trust too talkative people who climb into your life. This is how a parrot in a cage interprets visions with this bird: dream book - your envious life is threatened by envious people who you can bring to the clear water. And if the parrot flies around you - it will be difficult for you to see the enemy in your environment.

  • repeats your words - you take care of the slanderer;

  • screaming - disaster will happen;

  • many parrots - it's time to climb the career ladder;

  • dead parrot - you can not give up in the fight against detractors.


If you dreamed of a parrot, you need to talk less about the well-being of your family, so as not to arouse the envy of evil people. If the parrot speaks clearly and loudly, try to remember what words he uttered and interpret them after reading the dream book. Parrot wavy: dream book symbolizes small envious and slanderers. If a small bird flies through the house - you let the enemy too close.

The dream of the medium Hasse

  • to see the parrot - to deception;

  • shouts - envy;

  • says gossip;

  • feed - marry a gossip.

Dream Miller

Calm bird symbolizes peace in the family. Too talkative parrot - gossip about you at the hearing of everyone around you.

Also, a parrot in a dream can dream of excessive fantasies and empty hopes on your part.

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