Тopavenue.ru & CO - club service for regular customers, profitable and convenient

Online shopping bags topavenue.ru & CO constantly improves the methods of cooperation with suppliers and customers. Its meaning is that:

  • Those who have made a purchase in the current month are entitled to receive a gift from the site.
  • Buyers need only use the service "I want a gift."
  • Access to the service is possible only for club card holders who have filled out their account and shared information with friends on social networks.

If you find the product you like in the catalog and have time to do it all before the next Wednesday, the site administration will tell you how to make a purchase with a 25 or 70% discount.

The administration claims that all the products from the collections are from brands of famous brands, and it is of an original nature.

For regular customers there is a system of three-level club cards that provide additional bonuses.When buying goods at the best prices, the client has the possibility of additional services TopBay - “offer price” and “I want a gift”. For example, if you like a bag for 7850 rub., Then you offer your price, say - 6000 rub. If you confirm your membership in the club, the administration can offer a purchase for 6280 rubles.

Topavenue.ru gives gifts and opens up new opportunities for communication. The action, which allows to receive a gift from the site, takes place every Wednesday from 12:00 pm Moscow time.

Owners of club cards to participate in the conduct of daily auctions must double-click on the “buy” button, if you are not pleased with the starting one, but with the current price displayed on the page. This is a reverse auction. The price falls before your eyes. It will remain only within three banking days from the moment of application to pay it. Results of the auction are visible on the site up to 40 hours. True, delivery will be at a special rate.

With a one-time purchase in excess of 10 000 rubles. the store provides free delivery throughout Russia with cash on delivery.

The shop guarantees qualified assistance of an online consultant and strongly supports the customer’s desire to share feedback,remarks and suggestions about the style of service or quality of purchase on the special page of the website "Questions and Offers". Attracts and page "Information", which provides a step-by-step guide:

  • How to use the site
  • How to place an order, how to pay for it,
  • What guarantees can you expect,
  • What is the delivery organization.

The novelty of the interface lies in the fact that, for example, by selecting the “for it” and “bags” section in the catalog, you will track their samples on only one page, as it is viewed, it will be loaded. Beneficial to all.

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