The tricks of the condensed tomato pickling

If the cultivation of tomato seedlings is not far from the garden, then there is no need to invent innovations. However, plants often have to be transported, and it is not always possible to use personal transport for this. Growing tomato seedlings is not difficult, but to deliver it to the landing site in the integrity is more difficult. Under such circumstances, you can use compacted picks. With their help, we:
  • rationally use the place on the window sill;
  • we grow the right amount of seedlings, without additional space, cups, soil;
  • we can safely transport the seedlings by public transport;
  • we quickly and efficiently plant tomatoes in open ground without disturbing the integrity of the earthy coma.

Saving space

Under flat conditions, it is quite difficult to grow a large amount of seed material. Every spring for the gardener is accompanied by spiritual ordeal, what to sow and what not. Because you want so much to sow, and more.But, unfortunately, the window sills are not dimensionless and you have to abandon the crops of the desired varieties. Having tried the proposed method once, you make sure that you can efficiently use the available areas and not indulge in excess. Sowing tomatoes is always done in a pot , or any other capacity. When the seedlings will be ready for picking, and this is the stage of two real sheets as in the photo, you can start picking into individual pots.
 Tips of compacted tomato picks

Selection Capacities for picking

Many vegetable growers are trying to choose a larger capacity, arguing that during the cultivation of seedlings will develop a strong root system. However, the botanical features of tomato are such that the entire stem, falling into the ground, builds up roots. When growing seedlings, the main thing for us is not the root system, but the age of the seedlings, it is thanks to him that we “speed up” fruit production for 60 days. More experienced vegetable growers do not want to plant a seedling in a large pot, but use 200 g cups, which are quite enough .
 The tricks of the compacted tomato pick
In our case, we'll go even further and in one cup we will dig through two plants. Since picking is not just sitting on different containers, but still, working with the root system, the lower part of the root must be bitten off.

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