Traveling around Australia: from the Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania

Great Barrier Reef - a fascinating underwater world
You can start your journey around Australia with the eastern state of Queensland, loved by tourists for its beautiful beaches and for the largest coral reef on the planet. You can stay on one of the islands along the Great Reef to spend a few days apart from civilization, or you can take a day trip if time is limited. Diving under the water opens up an incredible picture: colorful corals, colorful fish, including clownfish and dogfish, dozens of exotic creatures. The richest ecosystem of the planet, where you can see humpback whales and sea turtles, moray eels and sharks. 2 thousand kilometers of pleasure for lovers of nature and diving.
Sydney is a cultural and economic center
Australia's largest city is Sydney, which is often mistaken for the capital of the continent.From the settlement for the British exiles, founded in 1788, after centuries, a beautiful metropolis has grown - modern and multinational. Sights of Sydney for many are familiar from movies, TV shows or advertising brochures. First of all, this Opera building is like a ship under sail, it amazes with its appearance. Construction began in 1959, but due to constant budget cuts it was only completed in 1973. No less recognizable is the Harbor Bridge, adorning Sydney Bay. It will be interesting to wander through the streets of Sydney, to visit the Rocks area, where there are luxurious restaurants, antique shops and numerous pubs. Visiting numerous galleries and museums with the best works of Australian artists, including Aborigines, you can relax in the Royal Botanical Gardens or on the Observatory Hill, where locals have picnics with their families.
Melbourne - a city owes prosperity gold rush
The enterprising and possessing the gift of persuasion, John Bettman traded the lands on which modern Melbourne is located among the aborigines. Pay for 240 thousand hectares of land were mirrors, axes and glass beads.The rapid development of the city during the gold rush, and after the precious ore reserves were exhausted, it continued thanks to the people who remained here. For exploring Melbourne, the best way is to use the tram, the route of which runs to tourist places. The tram may be the most common, and may additionally be a tram-restaurant. Near Swanston and Flinders Street are attractions such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the City Hall, and the train station, which is a prime example of Victorian architecture. Incredible contrast of ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers. The buildings of the era of Queen Victoria can be seen on Collins Street, among them the parliament building and the treasury building.
Tasmania - the island of convicts and devils
Once the island was inhabited only by unusual animals, the most famous of which is the Tasmanian devil, also known as marsupial. At the beginning of the XIX century, the island was decided to use as a reference point for dangerous criminals. Guarding respectable citizens from recurring walls, guard, angry dogs.And if someone managed to escape, then predatory sharks were waiting for them at sea. There are no prisons on the island for a very long time, but the remaining buildings are beautiful monuments dating back to the colonial era.

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