Types of wall decoration



Brick walls are in themselves of aesthetic value. It was noticed by decorators long ago that leave walls untouched to create industrial interiors. However, some hygiene procedures are still needed. Inter-brick joints are rubbed with a transparent sealant to avoid destruction and high dust content in the room.

Concrete wall

Another option for industrial design is natural concrete. If not all the walls in the house are made of this material, it can be simulated using microcement.

As well as brickwork, the concrete wall is treated with special compounds that fix the damage and prevent the formation of dust.

Venetian plaster

A great way to create relief on the wall is Venetian plaster. This material is applied with brutal strokes that preserve the texture. At the same time, a relief pattern can be applied on the plaster layer.

Most often, Venetian plaster is used to decorate walls in office spaces and public catering. However, with the appropriate design, this option of facing the interior walls may be appropriate in a residential area.

Wooden panels

To make the design in eco style in the room allow wood panels. They allow you to achieve the effect of home from a bar and create a favorable indoor microclimate.

Wooden panels are thin log-house plates, treated in such a way that over time insects do not get into them and cracks do not appear.

Plastic panels

High-tech interiors allow you to create plastic panels. They exempt from the need to level the walls, create pedantic neatness of the wall canvas, and also protect the wall from destruction.

Plastic panels can have different textures, which allows them to create an imitation of stone, wood, textile cloth, etc.

A natural stone

One of the most expensive ways to veneer walls is natural stone trim. For these purposes, thin plates are used, creating the effect of an old palace masonry.Such walls will be pleasant to the touch and suitable for wet cleaning.

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