Useless and useful things in the kitchen: instructions

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If you are lost in the choice between a blender with a glass jar and an immersion blender, feel free to prefer the immersion. The jug is necessary for lovers of the “liquid” kitchen, and it can only grind. A submersible can and beat, and chop, and knead. And it takes up less space.


A ceramic pan is a beautiful thing, but short-lived and not universal. Nobody is better than frying pans with double or triple bottom, non-stick coating and high walls. Ceramics are used by food bloggers because its dishes look beautiful and produce “tasty” photos. And of course, in gratitude to the firms that give them, bloggers are ready to promote the miracle thing endlessly. But in reality, it is very fragile and, I repeat, ordinary non-stick pans are multifunctional and time-tested things. Yes, and they cost less.

September 12, 2017Alesya Gordienko

no! I love the bread maker! and bread will bake! can just knead the dough - bake in the oven! yogurt will make, or sour cream, or ryazhenku! Umnichka machine!

A waffle iron, sandwich maker donut-maker can be replaced by a versatile multipedar Redmond with removable panels. You can also use it to bake cookies of various shapes, gingerbread houses, pretzels, muffins, hot sandwiches to cook, pizza and even grill.

I do not understand how the multicooker got into this list? On any stove you do not put out the meat so tasty. And yes, no problem! And baked ham? Rice, buckwheat, soups ... Multicooker can not be compared with the stove or the oven. Especially replace the steam cooker. And do not push it all in a row and immediately, then it will be delicious and beautiful.

yes really, the opinion of the crowd. where it does not work then if at the same temperatures and in the same ceramic pot is prepared. plus you don’t have to hang around, for example, I’ve got a remote-controlled Redmond Skykuker in the kitchen and use extra dishes. and the fact that the "taste" is not the same, so there are programs and frying and baking, i.e. The slow cooker not only soars and cooks as many believe. Well, of course, depends on the hostess. stove and oven is not a panacea if the hands are not from there)

bread maker is a necessary thing. I put the dough, knead, etc. I do not know how. and here. I laid everything down, pressed the button and wait for a snack. minus is very tasty and you eat a lot.

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