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At 01:07, Dec 05, 2019


Done! Your talk page has now been archived. It can be found under or by clicking on the 1 at the top :D

At 16:48, Dec 05, 2019


Looks like they were already blocked - sorry for those unpleasant messages, though! Thanks for letting me know!

At 17:17, Dec 06, 2019


No prob, Shannon!

At 21:57, Dec 08, 2019


Oh that's great! You're actually sending to somebody different from who you received from - it's sort of like a chain. But I'm so glad you received and enjoyed it! And I'll let your recipient know to keep an eye out :)

At 22:28, Dec 08, 2019


Hah yep, that's it! Someone may well start a thread in the forums about their gift though - it usually comes out who gave to whom, there!

At 23:20, Dec 09, 2019


At 22:50, Dec 14, 2019


Oh man - winter weather for reals! We've had a bit of rain but nothing like that. I hope you hang in there and get your ornaments fixed up when you can!

At 23:18, Dec 14, 2019


Awesome! When I was younger, I used to love painting and want to do it all the time! That sounds like a neat program.

Have you ever painted by hand? How does it compare to using a computer program?

My holiday is fine, thanks for asking. Looking forward to a joyful end to a challenging yet wonderful year :)

At 00:12, Dec 15, 2019


Hah, I bet that isn't true! It seems like you always have a cool project or hobby on the go. Plus, it's hard to think about working on Christmas stuff in the middle of the summer, eh? But I'm sure you'll get it sorted once the weather behaves!

At 18:23, Dec 15, 2019


I'll definitely consider watercolor painting! :) I wonder if I've done that before.

At 18:35, Dec 19, 2019


Hey! I wanted to let you know we got your Secret Santa gift here - wooo! But your recipient is off on vacation for a little bit now, so I don't think he'll get to open it until a little bit after the New Year. I bet he'll be super excited to come back and see it here, though. Cheers for sending it!

At 17:14, Jan 02, 2019


At 16:58, Jan 04, 2019


Aww well that sounds classic and pretty! Did you snap a pic?

At 02:55, Jan 05, 2019


Ah doesn't look like I can see that one without a log-in - but thanks for sharing anyway. I'm sure it was lovely :)

At 16:13, Feb 06, 2019


Oh man, that sounds rough! Are you starting to feel better now? I'm so sorry you felt so rotten!

That's great to hear you're interested in the meetup. Spots are almost full in the room block, so if you're serious about it, do email me with any questions and figure out whether you can make it soon, before we fill up :)

At 16:31, Feb 10, 2019


Aw, what a shame - I'm glad you can be a good support for your brother, but I'm sorry you won't make it. Maybe another year!

At 19:40, Feb 16, 2019


At 21:56, Feb 16, 2019


Ok fab - thanks for letting me know :)

At 19:10, Mar 13, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Burn a DVD. Hope you don't mind my diving in here after you - I looked it up, and I think the most common spelling these days is "disc" for optical storage, and "disk" for magnetic storage. Does that sound right to you, too? If you disagree, we can undo my changes, but wanted to run it by you!

At 15:49, Mar 14, 2019


Cool! Oh yeah, I can imagine - I remember the painful days of figuring out which kind of disc you need! These days, I just don't use discs, hah. But it's good to get that advice out there for readers who do want to - thanks for adding it!

At 15:52, Jun 08, 2019


At 14:50, Jun 09, 2019


Oh wow, what a deal! Is everything in working order on it? That's a solid bargain!

At 16:29, Jun 09, 2019


Not too shabby :)

At 23:55, Jun 12, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Care for Indoor Plants. Ah, so I think having "Knowing" as the third section here was actually intentional - our editing team has found that, a lot of the time, readers seem to respond better to having really actionable steps up front - the stuff they can jump right into when they need quick answers, vs the knowing/researching/understanding depth that only some readers want. That way, folks looking for really quick, to-the-point help get it quickly, and those looking to go into a lot of detail can read further and get that, too. That make sense?

At 09:46, Jun 13, 2019


Hey, Shannon! Thanks for writing Sucessfully Grow Houseplants the Practical Way. It is through efforts like yours that wikiHow improves.

I am writing to let you know that I have tagged your article as having questionable accuracy. Don't panic! I'm merely suggesting that you do some extra editing to confirm the accuracy of the article. The best way to ensure the article's accuracy is to research the topic (if you haven't already), and then cite your sources. Referencing third party sources generally improves the quality of wikiHow content and allows our readers to verify our information. I hope you can give this a try.

Not all articles need references, but articles like Sucessfully Grow Houseplants the Practical Way wouldstronglybenefit from them. In the event that you didn't do any research and wrote the entire article from your own knowledge, reply and notify me!

Thanks again for contributing to wikiHow. Your efforts are appreciated. Please let me know if there's any way that I can help you here.

At 14:48, Jun 13, 2019


Cool, thanks for hearing me out on that one :)

At 18:16, Jun 13, 2019


That's great! However, since we already have an established article on Growing Houseplants, I went ahead and created a redirect to it. Don't worry - I moved all your expert advice over. In fact, I requested an expert editor to review it, so hopefully that'll happen soon. I hope this hasn't discouraged you. We have a Merge Policy, so unfortunately, all duplicate articles get moved over to the more developed or less subjective title. What do you think about the move? I'd be glad to improve the article however I can :)

At 18:45, Jun 13, 2019


Hi there Shannon, how are you? It is great to see you back on wikiHow again, I hope all is well? Sarah

At 07:36, Jun 14, 2019


Wow, that's quite a hardy plant! I haven't had as much luck with plants, but your article is giving me fresh ideas. Thanks!

At 16:10, Jun 20, 2019


At 17:02, Jun 20, 2019


Aw no, what a bummer! That's a shame when a fav closes down. But yeah, online shopping can be a saving grace... so much selection out there. My husband and I use Amazon for so much stuff - delivered right to our door!

At 17:35, Jun 26, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Grow Houseplants. Man, all the information in here is epic - you're really diving into a lot of detail!

I hope you don't mind - I did put this one on the editing list for future, just to see if it might help to streamline the sections a little bit, and add referencing. Hopefully the end result will be lots of solid experience/advice from you, and a bit of tweaking for ideal layout/readability/sourcing from them. A tag team effort! But we can see how it goes, and if you have any concerns afterwards, we can always do more editing to make sure it's the best of both worlds :)

At 17:53, Jun 27, 2019


Oh man yeah, editing from a phone is biting off a lot - don't envy you there! Did the new computer not work out?

At 18:06, Jun 27, 2019

hello ShanonMatthew

At 16:52, Jul 18, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Be Safe With Fireworks - I hop on Reddit every now and then and the of videos I saw of worryingly lucky saves by people misusing (or honestly correctly using) fireworks right after the 4th of July was pretty nuts. Helpful to have your caution in there, so thanks!

At 03:04, Jul 22, 2019


Heya Shannon. Thanks for writing and Appreciate Fireworks! Ah, fireworks - they're tons of fun until someone gets burned, but that's another reason to appreciate them (don't quote me on that).

How was your 4th of July? Were there any new or interesting fireworks that you tried out? Let me know if there's any way I can help you with your article :)

At 03:18, Jul 22, 2019


I'm glad it went well! It's good to see that you record those firework videos for later - that's something I should try next 4th of July.

Hmm, I don't think I've seen Japanese fireworks before; however, your article gave me lots of insight on them. Kudos!

At 03:23, Jul 22, 2019


No worries! It took me some time to analyze it as well :)

At 20:50, Jul 24, 2019


At 21:55, Jul 25, 2019


Oh wow, what a spot to pick to see them. Bad luck! I hope all was ok? I'm glad they were a sight to see, anyway!

At 16:04, Aug 02, 2019

why did you wait

At 00:16, Aug 08, 2019


At 00:45, Aug 08, 2019


Looks like fixed it . :)

At 20:46, Aug 10, 2019


Hi Shannon, great to see you back around wikiHow again and another brilliant article, congratulations on the promotion......oooooooo nooooooo Christmas is not long away, I don't what to think about it too soon!!! :) I hope you are OK and look forward to seeing you around the wikiHow site more often. Sarah

At 10:23, Aug 11, 2019


Hi Shannon, that is a shame about the store closing. I am lucky that where I live we have a huge Hobycraft store which has stuff you never knew you needed! Glad to see you back.

At 18:42, Aug 15, 2019


At 15:52, Aug 16, 2019


Haha man, that sounds like a lot of trial and error and patience on your part. Kudos for keeping at it!

We actually can't take photos of the book without permission of the copyright owner. But no worries - it can go without images for now, and then when you nail the design, you can always upload them later on :)

At 20:47, Aug 16, 2019


Sounds great! Getting excited for the fall, over here... will be Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!

At 18:30, Aug 28, 2019


At 14:55, Aug 29, 2019


Nice. nice - work in progress. Will be stoked to see the end result :)

At 17:14, Sep 18, 2019


At 15:52, Sep 22, 2019


Hi there Shannon, thanks for the TU! how are you these days? I've not heard from you in a while, I hope all is OK? Sarah

At 16:06, Sep 22, 2019


Hi, that sounds like a great enterprise! My son uses eBay a lot, he is using it to sell his 30 year old BMW 5 series car! I hope all goes well for you. Sarah

At 16:49, Sep 22, 2019


Hey hey Shannon,

I'm heading offline at the end of today, to start my maternity leave. So before then I just wanted to send you all my best wishes for the weeks ahead. I hope you have a great fall and a great holiday season - complete with all your beautiful decorations and ornaments! See you on the other side - I look forward to catching up in the new year :)

At 13:47, Sep 23, 2019


At 12:36, Oct 15, 2019


Thanks for the TU.

At 14:14, Oct 27, 2019


At 14:16, Oct 27, 2019


Edits like the one you made to help maintain and improve quality on wikiHow. Thanks for the helping hand! I made it a stub, it could benefit from more detail, and an introduction.

At 19:13, Nov 10, 2019


At 20:59, Nov 14, 2019


It's indeed ugly, it's sad to see these plants lose all their leaves :( I'd love to see some pictures of your ornaments!

At 20:59, Nov 14, 2019


But it's not ugly for plants that are fighting to survive.. :)

At 20:07, Nov 15, 2019



I'm getting ready to send out our holiday/anniversary cards pretty soon. We usually send them out near the new year, to mark wikiHow's birthday on January 15 and to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with our mission this year. If you'd like to receive one, I'd love to send you one!

If you're interested, can you fill out this form?

Thanks so much - and hope all is well with you :)

At 03:14, Nov 17, 2019


It must be a disappointment to not have Christmas lights! Takes all the fun and festivity away. Hopefully you can get a replacement :)

At 06:25, Jan 08, 2019


Hi Shannon! Nice to hear from you! The incandescent lights are a better choice in that way. I like the color mix :)

How are you doing?

At 21:09, Jan 11, 2019


At 22:52, Jan 11, 2019


Ah, glad you got some of the ornaments done - shame about the felt! I hear you on the LEDs - they're often not as warm, eh? It's good you got a setup back that works better for you :)

Thanks so much for the welcome back - it's good to be back on the wiki!

At 17:11, Apr 23, 2019


Oh great - so glad to see your name pop up! Hah, and glad you've got your tech sitch worked out. How've you been, outside of that?

At 17:49, Apr 23, 2019


Ahh wow, kind of an ornament detective hunt, hah. Do you have Michael's where you are? Love that store for the craft stuff... but even with that, I'm sure it's easier said than done, hunting down everything you need!

The leaf article sounds neat... I bet my nieces would love that kind of thing!

Hah, glad Windows 10 is looking snazzy so far! I've heard it's pretty neat (still a Mac gal, myself, but whatcanyado.)

At 18:18, Apr 23, 2019


Hi Shannon! welcome back stranger! were have you been, I hope you are OK? Kind regards, Sarah :)

At 11:18, Apr 24, 2019


Great to hear Shannon, I dont do anything on my mobile except the odd text and phone call. You can do almost anything on a laptop or desktop computer including instant messaging and phone calls. I'll look forward to reading more articles from you, Sarah

At 04:11, Apr 25, 2019


Haha, you are picky! But yes, Etsy and eBay sounds great for that. Amazon too, maybe? We order everything for our baby off Amazon now...! I’m not much of a crafter, but when I had my mum making paper flowers for our wedding a few years back, we got all those supplies from Amazon and Michael’s.

At 20:02, Apr 25, 2019


At 06:39, Jun 14, 2019


Hi there. Should be fixed now. Alex and I got it fixed. A thing to remember is === for different sections. And there were a couple ref tags that weren't closed.

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