Valeria condemned Prigogine’s daughter for behavior at “House-2”

In her Instagram, the singer Valeria, for the first time, commented on the fact that the daughter of her husband, Joseph Prigogine, set out to build love on a famous TV project.
Photo: @valeriya_rus

Daughter of Joseph Prigogine from a previous marriage 19-year-old Danae came to the project "House-2" on July 15. Do not hesitate, she said that the main motive of her coming to the show is the desire to prove to her father that she "can achieve something in life." According to her, the father does not believe that the daughter can do something in life on her own, and it is important for her to prove the opposite.

Participation in the TV show of his daughter was a big surprise for Joseph and his family, but they were not in a hurry to comment on the family. Silence broke Valeria, answering curious on his page on Instagram.

“Danae is already broadcasting there that Joseph does not communicate with Senya (Prigogine’s son from his first marriage. - Note“ Woman’s Day ”). She will show you another gruel, ”wrote the user prostointeresno93.

“Let him broadcast if it helps her in life.It’s a pity that such values ​​live, a good girl like, ”answered Valeria.

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