Varieties of outdoor clothes hangers

Wardrobeis the value for each girl, her wealth, a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, its appearance, as well as practicality, are very important. And recently, the place of the championship is rightfully taken by the floor view of the wardrobe, or rather, byfloor hanger.

It also serves as an interesting additional element in any interior, and perfectly preserves the attractive appearance of any clothing. You can purchase quality clothes for the whole family here. In order to understand whether this type of hanger design fits you, check out their advantages and disadvantages.


- it is easy to move this part of the interior to the place you need, since it does not take up much space, will fit into any part of your house, and is also quite easy.

- there is no need for additional installation work, including drilling of walls. The main task here is simply to assemble the hanger design and place it at the desired point in your room.

- this type of hangers has a wide range of products, thanks to which everyone will find what they like and will fit perfectly into his interior. They differ in material, appearance, design and size.


The only drawback of a hanger is that they may not be very stable, especially for inexpensive examples. However, you can purchase a model specially selected for the products that will be stored on it. For example, for outerwear you need to purchase a more expensive coat with maximum stability.

There are many materials for the manufacture of floor hangers, but the most popular are metal and wooden.

Wooden hanger

Still the most popular, as the tree is a fairly durable and wear-resistant material. In the market there are two types of coating of these hangers - painted and lacquered, the models themselves are amazing with their variety. This type is quite versatile, it fits perfectly into both modern classic interior and country style.

Metal Hanger

Sufficiently stable due to its weight. The main material for its production is aluminum, which is painted in various colors. If your interior lacks zest, pay attention to the forged floor hangers - they all look very unusual.

But if what the market can provide you are not comfortable with, you can easily make this type of hangers yourself.

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