Vascular mesh: how to remove the problem from the face

The problem of the occurrence of vascular "stars" or as it is more often called, the grid, which is quite common among the European population, although it does not have a serious inflammation or other health problems, aesthetically spoils its aesthetic appearance.

The vascular network, most often, begins with a small, a few obvious sosudikov, but now, over time, the entire face or parts of it are affected by a red or burgundy "spiderweb".

Especially ugly it looks at very young girls, because even to hide the resulting shade of the face becomes difficult, tonal and other masking tools become powerless. Among many people there is a perception that it is impossible to get rid of such a disease, because its appearance was provoked by the close proximity of blood vessels to the upper layer of thin skin.

How to forget about the problem?

Experts confidently refute this fact, having long argued that the depth of the location of the vessels and the fineness of the skin there is nothing to do with it, most likely, the problem arises from the inflammation of these very vessels.

The degree of their inflammation and sensitivity of the skin manifests itself in a thin vascular reticulum, from which it is possible to get rid of, however, not as quickly as we would like.

Before you understand how to remove the vascular network from the face, it is necessary to determine what caused the occurrence of such an unpleasant illness.

The main cause of rosacea, as it is called by doctors, is a violation of the blood circulation of the skin of the face.

Also, due to its sensitivity, the upper layer of the skin of the face can respond with a negative reaction to cold, sudden temperature drops and other external influences. Being subject to constant temperature changes, the vessels dilate vigorously and then sharply narrow, which may cause a temporary effect of rosacea.

You probably felt more than once, if you go into a warm room after a frost, your face starts to tingle, pinch, you may even have a feeling of a slight burning or itching, all this is the first calls of roperose.

Young and elastic vessels with ease return the normal state, and skin calms down. But, over the years, the elasticity and youth of the vessels are lost, they expand, and now they cannot return to a constricted state.

At the same time, the redness of the skin remains in its rightful place.Of course, this is not the only reason for the appearance of blood vessels on the face: smoking, bad habits and constant stressful situations can also cause the formation of rosacea on the face.

If your skin and blood vessels are predisposed to such an ailment, then the general condition can also be worsened by an excess of ultraviolet radiation, trips to a tanning bed, or eating the wrong foods.

How to get rid of the vascular grid?

Gentle and sensitive skin of the face is more susceptible to the appearance of hated stars on its surface, therefore, as soon as you see the first signs of the formation of rosacea, you need to take urgent measures, because, like most diseases, it is easier to cope with in the stage of its origin.

Sensitive skin requires special care even in a healthy state: home and salon procedures must be appropriate for a specific skin type. When caring for such skin, it is important to adhere to several mandatory rules: first, it is the constant use of personal care products, cleansing and proper nutrition of the skin - an important point in the care.

Secondly, your main task is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which, for some of the above reasons, weakened and inflamed.

To do this, it is necessary to provide the skin of the person with the right medical care - here you have to decide whether to rely on ready-made products that are offered in mass sales, or use traditional recipes for masks and tinctures.

Most importantly, remember that the skin affected by couperosis requires a combination of three basic elements that can help it. These include vitamin C, which is actively involved in the formation necessary for strengthening the capillaries, collagen.

The second element is vitamin K, which helps to increase the strength of the vascular network.

And the third element is vitamin P, which is necessary to increase the vascular ability to be resistant to external factors, reducing their fragility and fragility.

This vitamin should be enough

That is why it is so important to choose precisely those treatments that contain these elements. It is also important to take into account that for daily cleansing, special products that are specifically designed for this skin should also be used.

Try to avoid cosmetics that contain alcohol and other irritating substances. It is also important to follow some rules when choosing makeup: it should not contain fruit acids, since they thin out the epidermis.Give up cosmetics with odors and preservatives, as well as containing menthol, honey, mint and clove oils.

How to treat and mask the vascular mesh?

Get rid of the hated "mesh" can be with the help of folk remedies. For example, in the initial stages of the appearance of stars, you can try parsley infusion. It must be applied in the form of compresses to the affected areas, for this pour a few twigs of parsley with boiling water, and then let it brew for about 20 minutes.

In the normal state of the skin vessels are not visible

Another means to normalize the work of capillaries is aloe, which is very often used in cosmetology. To do this, you will have to start several aloe plants, break off 5-6 leaves from them, wrap them in gauze and send them for 14 days in the refrigerator. At the end of the period, the plant will be ready for treatment: just break off a piece of leaf and lubricate it every other day for a month.

In addition to the aforementioned remedies, it is possible to increase the elasticity of the vessels with the help of a special massage. Such courses exist in beauty salons, but it can be done at home.

Do not forget about the use of useful face masks - especially useful are natural ingredients, for example, vegetables or fruits.As an option, a mask of gruel of one potato, whipped in a blender, spoons of honey and a spoon of warm milk. The finished mask is applied with a cotton pad for 15 minutes.

Folk remedies can help you

If folk remedies have not had a visible result, then you can contact a cosmetologist who will offer you several options for getting rid of such a problem.

For example, complex laser or phototherapy, which are able to get rid of a significant amount of the vascular network, making the face much fresher and younger. The only negative is the possibility of skin defects - small scars, discoloration of skin areas, pigment spots.

Another way is ozone therapy, which boasts an excellent result: complete disposal of rosacea, the skin remains smooth and free from defects. But there are disadvantages here too - the procedure is rather painful.

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