Waiting for a man is a female habit.

Even this notorious “we” in a conversation with girlfriends we pronounce with a waiting cloud in the air: we confirm that “we will come to visit”, in the hope that he will not give up this idea, or we inform you that “we are doing repairs”, in view of the fact that you want a change, and he expectedly joined.

We are waiting for him to take the first step, waiting for him to change the status in social networks, waiting for him to introduce his parents, waiting for what he would call “the best mistress in life”, waiting for him to want to live together ...

And while waiting, we are always looking for answers on the Internet, “how to seduce”, “how to incline to serious relations”, “how to change it” in order to somehow bring the desired moment closer and reduce this intolerable stand by. We replace one expectation with another: after the expectation of a non-existent man alone, we find a real object and begin to wait for it specifically - and we are sure that the second is much better than the first. Except you met your eyes - and that's it, let's go ...

Waiting for a man is a female habit.

We are waiting for him to be the first to come along, not to be shy, but to start the conversation easily, without complexes and with some neutral, but interesting topic. We expect that at least it will be a sign that we liked him at first sight, and also that he does not have a wife or a constant girlfriend, because we expect that such people are not the first to roll. We passionately cherish the hope that we liked it, that we said everything to the place, that we did not make an impression of a self-satisfied silly woman or a boring serious bachelorette. We expect that we are appreciated, that we have satisfied someone's expectations and left a pleasant impression. After all, isn't it for this that we spent about an hour on fees, choosing a dress that emphasizes the figure and diligently applying makeup? Is it not to be expected to please all the men who will meet you this evening and night on the way? We expect that if we are not an example of an ideal woman, we are happy to strive for it in our free time through self-development courses, training on simulators, reading smart books about love and many hours of conversations with friends filled with analytics of relations with the opposite sex.

On the topic of how we expect that he will write or call back, dozens of melodramas have already been shot and more jokes have been invented. And we still expect that this will happen, as a signal of irresistible interest and confirmation that soon “lonely waiting” will turn into “waiting in a pair” and will be a little bit better. Now it remains only not to nag a lot and to wait again that everything will happen according to the traditional scheme: he will find you, he will invite, he will fall in love, he will even admit it first, he will introduce you to friends, he will buy you his own toothbrush, he will follow you cat learn to care. And we are anxiously pretending to expect that all this will mean that you are a couple, you are dating. Now, like in yoga: breathed, straightened, crossed your palms on your chest, exhaled and returned to the standby mode again.

At this stage, your parents usually join the expectations. Now you and the whole family together with the cat are waiting for him to offer to live together, wait for the purchase of an apartment even to give a hint, wait for the now “you are me, and I am you” and last forever, but for now the eternity has not yet arrived, expect that at least he will be the first to talk about the wedding.At times it seems to you that if expectation was a science, you would have definitely received the Nobel Prize and earned millions. But while this is not the case, you are just waiting for him to guess that he will change jobs to fulfill all your dreams, and think about it, waiting for him from work.

Neither the wedding nor the wedding means an end to the expectations, although it seems to us that this is already the very same romantic romantic scene where you have the right to sit as a goddess.

No matter how it is! Now I’ll have to wait for him to organize something or buy something for your young family, wait for him to agree to have a child, wait for him to be a little more attentive to you and not return so late from his work, and in the worst case, wait for him to change his mind and give up his mistress or come to his senses and decide not to leave you. Know yourself?

Waiting for a man is a female habit.

This is our Russian love scheme: from a tiny waiting for a gallant gesture to the expectation that your life will not collapse in a flash with everything that you so diligently planned and built on the basis of not your own desires, but on the basis of the same never-ending expectations.

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