Wday tests: body shaping

Girls who watch their figure always ask themselves what means to choose so that the result does not disappoint? Gel, cream, scrub, serum, milk or maybe a wrap? The choice is big, the eyes run. But we must not forget that any means for losing weight, body shaping or against cellulite will not work without combining with sports, massage or proper nutrition, so do not get upset when reading the desired tool on the Internet, you will see reviews that it is “ It does not work". The editors of Woman's Day tested various means for the correction of the figure and found out how they act.
 body correction tools
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Clarins, Lift Minceur, 1450 rubles

Slimming Aid: Clarins, Lift Minceur
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Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty editor:

I have a very warm relationship with Clarins care products. Having tried all the creams, I realized long ago that this love is forever, therefore, as soon as I saw on the shelves of the store a modeling body cream that I very quickly disassembled, I did not hesitate to buy it.

The consistency of the cream resembles milk. When applied, it feels pleasantly cool because of the menthol in the composition. The tool must be rubbed with active massage movements, otherwise you will not get any effect. After an intense massage, smooth skin and a tightening effect are felt. The only negative: I had enough money for only four weeks of use every day.

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