Refill inkjet printer cartridges

The cost of printers and multifunction printers is falling so rapidly that it’s impossible to surprise anyone with a home computer equipped with a printing device. Computer stores offer three types of such devices: matrix, inkjet and laser. Since matrix models do not have full color printing capabilities, and color laser prices start at $ 140, there is nothing surprising in the popularity of inkjet printers. However, their happy owners soon faced with the need to replace cartridges - special ink tanks, which often cost 80-90% of the price of a new printer. As a more affordable alternative, many computer companies offer instead of buying new cartridges to refill existing ones. However, this operation is not difficult, so you can refill the cartridge yourself at home. Warning It is important to remember,That refilling cartridges deprives the owner of the warranty on the device! And it does not matter who, how and how many times this operation was performed. At the same time, with due care and following the recommendations, the risk of damaging something is minimal. Preparation Refilling ink cartridges with an inkjet printer is necessary when printing begins fade any color or gaps appear. Of course, provided that the printer was properly operated and there were no downtime for more than two weeks. You will need:
- syringes, one for each color. It is desirable that the piston is rubber - this allows a more smooth supply of ink, and also prevents sharp injection. In addition, the thinner the needle, the better. The volume of the syringe is no more than 5 ml;
 rubber piston
- cotton wool and paper napkins. They are necessary to remove possible leaks; - gloves; - several old newspapers to cover the workplace; - the correct ink. They can be purchased at any computer store.Knowing the printer model, the consultant will help you find the right ones.
 correct ink
Inkjet printer cartridge Depending on the printer model, the cartridge system with cartridges can be different. The instructions always indicate how to remove the ink tank.
 Inkjet printer cartridge
For example, in Canon models, when you open the cover of the included printer, the entire unit is extended.
Inkjet cartridge
 on Canon models
working with the cartridge, do not touch the contact pads and the nozzles. After removing the sticker, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the holes with the help of an awl or a small scissors.
 Working with a cartridge
Removing the sticker
The needle of the syringe should enter each one loosely
 Syringe Needle
This is an important point: there must be a distance between the needle and the walls of the hole that the air will be squeezed out of the cartridge when refilling from the cartridge .The capacity for black ink has one hole, and on the color one , so first you need to find out with the help of the global network search which ink color to fill in. If you do not have such information, you can insert a needle into each hole and find the correspondence in the traces of the paint on it.Thus, in this example, on the PG-446 cartridge, left blue , and the yellow on the right. Filling Having injected 1-2 ml of ink into the syringe, carefully insert the needle into the hole .Inside the porous material, therefore, it is necessary to overcome insignificant resistance. go too deep, as in this case, damage to the filter membrane is possible.  Fix
It's quite enough for 1/3.

After that, slowly squeezed out We ink Hurry is not needed here, as the inner material must be uniformly saturated with paint. Capacity is determined empirically.Usually 4 ml is enough for a black cartridge, and 1-2 ml of each color for a color cartridge. The exact values ​​depend on the degree of emptying of the tank. Air will be squeezed out when filling, inflating bubbles of paint - this is normal.
The dressing is considered complete when the ink is no longer absorbed. Spilled residues must be “drawn in” into a syringe.
After this, all possible leaks are removed from the cartridge with cotton wool. If necessary, you can gently wipe the nozzles, but cotton can not be used.
 wipe nozzles
For these purposes," napkin-blotter ".
cloth napkin
We should not forget about the stickers, because it is thanks to them that they manage to reduce the air pressure inside the tank. Alternatively, you can use the tape.
 Do not forget about stickers
You should not forget about the stickers
It is important not to glue the air duct.
 you can use the tape
After refill the cartridges back to the printer, and in the maintenance program, select “test print” or “head cleaning”. It is recommended to rinse the syringes from the ink residues with distilled water.
 rinse with distilled water

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