Weave bright bracelet from lace

Weave a bright striped bracelet from a cord (Tibetan cord). Weaving is very simple and is suitable for both beginners and for classes with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. cord for weaving (Tibetan cord) of three colors (black, yellow and blue);
  2. scissors;
  3. Lighter;
  4. 2 clips.

Step 1

Cut 7 pieces of black cord (30 cm) and one (180 cm) of yellow and blue. We collect all the segments in a bundle, we tie a knot and distribute it so that the middle is black, the edges are yellow and blue (see figure).

We start weaving with a blue cord. Take the blue cord and tie a double reverse pattern around the black cord. We repeat the same with the other 6 black stubs, the blue will move to the right. Also we twist the blue cord in the opposite direction, the blue one will move to the left.

Step 2

Now repeat the steps from Step 1 with the yellow cord.

Step 3

We continue to weave until the required length of the broom. We finish, as we begin, weaving a blue cord.

Cut the ends of the cords and crimp the lighter, they melt and the bracelet will not unravel.

Crimp the ends of the bracelet with clips. Everything,bracelet from the cordis ready.

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