What are good vegetable seeds

You will need
  • Vegetable seeds, growth promoters, water, potassium permanganate, salt.
The most elementary method for determining seed germination: using salt. Make 5% saline solution. To do this, dissolve 50 grams of salt in 1 liter of water. Dip the seeds in the solution. Seeds that float to the surface are not suitable for planting. Throw them away. And the seeds that have fallen to the bottom, leave for planting. Be sure to consider the seeds of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, superficially. Broken off, unnatural colors and shapes, thrown out seeds of crumpled seeds. Leave only smooth and smooth seeds of yellow or light brown flowers.
To determine seed germination, it is recommended to germinate them before planting. Spread the selected seeds on a gauze or newspaper. Dampen them with spray water. Put the seeds in a warm place and periodically moisten them with water. After a couple of days or a week, the seeds should roll over. You can germinate seeds in sawdust.Under the action of water, sawdust swells very much and creates a greenhouse effect. It promotes rapid germination. The timing of germination depends on the specific vegetables. If you just wet the seeds for a couple of hours before planting, they will swell. However, such a method does not provide an accurate guarantee of germination.
It is very important to disinfect seeds in order to prevent diseases and protect against pests. Often seeds are imported from other countries and regions. This in itself can be the cause of various diseases. For disinfection, use 1% potassium permanganate solution. Keep the seeds in the liquid for half an hour, and then rinse and dry. A solution of potassium permanganate can stain the seeds in a bright brown color. This is normal: just rinse them better after soaking.
In order to strengthen the immunity of seeds, to increase their germination growth stimulants are used. The most common ones are: Appin, Appin-Extra, Kornevin, Zircon. To prepare the solution is enough to dissolve 1-2 drops of the drug in 100 ml of water. Maintain seeds of vegetable crops in the solution for 6-8 hours. Such soaking destroys various carriers of diseases on seeds and gives themextra energy for germination.
For different vegetable crops different solutions are recommended for soaking. Thus, the seeds of cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini useful soak in a solution of trace elements: boron, manganese, zinc, copper. 0.2 grams of each substance will be sufficient for one liter of water. Soak the seeds for 12 hours. Seeds of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are tight, so for them there is such a method as bubbling. Pour 1% potassium nitrate solution into a glass jar. Place the tip of the hose from the aquarium compressor at the bottom of the can. Immerse the seeds in the jar only after turning on the aquarium compressor. Periodically stir the seeds in the liquid. Processing time: 10-12 hours. Dried seeds after bubbling are ready for planting.

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