What can replace sugar?

Most people have their own opinions on this matter, someone thinks that there is nothing terrible in sugar consumption, and someone is trying to get rid of its content in any consumer products.

Unfortunately, it has long been proven that the “sweet support” that our body constantly demands is not at all so obligatory, but rather, on the contrary, harmful and unfounded. Sugar does not carry any nutritional value, it does not contain vitamins and minerals, in fact, the body does not need it at all for its normal functioning.

But the consequences of sugar consumption are not too happy: the body weight gradually increases, and uncontrolled consumption leads to obesity.

All this is due to the high caloric content of sugar, in 100 g of this product contains 390 kcal!

Our body is satisfied only when the blood sugar level is normal, but as soon as it starts to decline, we begin to feel the feeling of hunger and anxiety. It can be said that the main determining factor of our appetite is the level of sugar, and if it drops sharply below 50, then a person may lose consciousness.

But how can you give up “sweet life” if the body demands it so? The answer is simple - you need to resort to tricks and a little "deceive" your body by resorting to sugar substitutes. What can replace sugar when losing weight, so as not to harm yourself?

If you actively follow your figure or adhere to proper nutrition, then you should understand that your main task is not only to maintain the beauty of the body, but also to ensure health benefits.

Now there is a fairly large number of natural and synthetic sugar substitutes, but not all of the proposed options will be suitable for anyone, especially if he is an avid sweet tooth. When it becomes very difficult, you can turn to universal sugar substitutes: fresh and dry fruit.

Why is it so important to limit the amount of sugar? After all, if you think about it, we do not seem to consume it much. It seems so only at first glance, if you do not eat sweets and drink tea without sugar, then, of course, this is already a big plus, but few people think about the fact that most modern products that we consume every day also contain considerable amount of sugar.

For example, these include white bread and rolls, rice, beets, carrots and alcohol.There are a number of products that limit the need, because they not only contain sugar, but also a large amount of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

That is why it is necessary to eliminate the consumption of sugar in its pure form. Just think, sugar, if not directly or indirectly, contributes to the development of such diseases: caries, obesity, diabetes, the formation of kidney stones, reduced immune function, increased acidity and weakening of vision, and that’s not all!

Natural tasty helpers

Good helpers for those who are on a diet can become dried fruits. Their obvious advantage is that they are absolutely natural and safe, and also useful.

In your daily diet you can include any known dried fruits: dates, dried apricots, raisins, pears and apples, prunes. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, they also need to be consumed in a limited quantity, 100 grams of such products will be sufficient, then they will be able to bring optimal benefit to the body.

The main thing when buying to pay attention to their appearance: you should not get beautiful and rich in dried fruit, it most likely indicates that they have already undergone additional processing,which is no good.

Another long-time sweetener has become honey, which can complement the taste of your favorite drinks and desserts quite well, but when using it you must remember that it is 4 times sweeter than sugar.

This food of bees is rich in huge amounts of vitamins and minerals, with the help of honey you can fight with many diseases, such as cough and cold, besides, he carefully take care of your beauty and protect the entire body.

If you do not like honey, you can resort to the help of “honey grass” or stevia, this vegetable sugar substitute is very saturated with stevioside, and by sweetness exceeds sugar by a factor of 200!

But, what is most interesting, while stevia is not a high-calorie plant at all, besides it has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, it also tones and slows down the aging process in the body, removes slags and heavy metals from the body. Such a sugar substitute can be purchased at any pharmacy, usually it is sold as a powder.

Synthetic sweeteners


Sucralose is considered to be one of the safest sweeteners, scientists believethat it does not have side effects, it can be used by pregnant and lactating women, while absolutely not beingware of their health and the health of the baby.

However, it must be remembered that there is a certain dose of taking such a substance: no more than five milligrams of sucralose per kilogram of body weight. Everything is good, but, unfortunately, it is not so easy to find it on store shelves, it’s all a matter of high prices, and as a result it does not stand up to competition, because most sugar substitutes are much cheaper.

There are a number of substances that are called "harmless", for example, aspartame, xylitol or beckons. They, of course, differ in their low calorie, they can "deceive" the body, giving them a sense of the desired sweetness. However, medical experts warn that such tricks of these funds can cause a backlash, which will be completely opposite to the results of your diet.

There are a number of products that taste like sugar, but are not at all like him. Using them every day, you can permanently abandon the "sweet poison".

For example, figs, it has long been used to sweeten various dishes and sweets, besides this product is rich in iron and has weak laxative properties.Few people know that date sugar makes date sugar, which has pleasant and specific flavors, its only drawback is that it does not dissolve well. You can also use brown sugar, or raw sugar, it is dark in color and has a coarse grain.

Watch your health and what you eat, and then you will be able not only to maintain your physical form, but also to prolong your youth and beauty, because all these concepts are very closely intertwined.

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